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Thread: Co-sleeping

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    I am only 10 weeks along as of tomorrow, with our first (after having lost our first pregnancy to a mc), but this thread had been fascinating. Thanks so much to everyone for chiming in, I've learned so much!

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    I had the kids in the room, but not in the bed. I do think that once you let them in the bed, getting them out is hard. With my first I was very into attachment parenting, had her within arms reach at all times and she ended up being the most clingy toddler. She would go into a fullblown tantrum if I attempted to go to the toilet alone. With my son Freddie I went the other way and had him at the end of the bed and at 6 months he had his own room and he is much more independent. Maybe it is just a personality thing but they do except what they are used to.

    I wouldn't have them in the bed, just because I know that I could easily hurt them.

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    I co-sleep with my daughter when she is unsettled and needs me otherwise she sleeps in her cot pushed right up next to my bed- shes now 19months.

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