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    I think it's a very poor choice, especially if your family unit isn't particularly earthy, or artistic.

    I don't take Tigerlily seriously at all, all I think of is the character from Peter Pan.

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    It would be so cool to meet a little Tigerlily! I really like it. Be prepared for some weird reactions, though. I like katieramsey's mn ideas, but here are some more:
    Tigerlily Jane
    Tigerlily Anna
    Tigerlily Elizabeth
    Tigerlily Claire
    Tigerlily Elise
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    I'm not brave enough to use it. I think it is an awesome name, but it has some drawbacks IMO:
    - Kind of childish. I don't think it will look good on a resume.
    - Really hippy-ish.
    - A celebrity named their daughter Tigerlily a few years back over here in the States, and it got a huge backlash.
    - This is just personal for me, but one of my favorite book series in elementary school was about a group of cats living in the wild, and they had names beginning with a noun or an adjective, like Tiger, Stripes, Leaf and Storm, and ending with a noun such as lily, heart or claw (examples: Stormfur, Fireheart, Hollyleaf, Tigerclaw). And Tigerlily just seems like it fits in perfectly with that. And while I loved the series, using a name that seems undeniable cat-ish is out of the question.

    I think Tigerlily would work best as a middle. But if you really love it, then I would definitely go for a solid, classic name as a middle. Tigerlily Charlotte, Tigerlily Eliza, Tigerlily Emma and Tigerlily Faith are all options that carry a bit more power than Grace IMO while retaining the classic, common value of the name.
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    I think that Tigerlily is a nice concept, but I think a little girl might recieve teasing about her name, as many would find it too weird and not really a name.

    If I may offer some suggestions...
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    I get where you're going with Tigerlily... tigerlilies are so orange and fierce! But but but. As much as there is to love about Peter Pan, the character of Tiger Lily (in the Mary Martin version) is a bad racial stereotype, and the name is inextricably tied to that.

    I'm seconding namelover77's suggestion of Fiammetta. Or Poppy. Not sure how popular Poppy is in Australia, but it's a name that's both masculine and feminine, fun and fiery.

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