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    Minerva and Merida?

    What are your thoughts on these two names? They're my latest name crushes along with Wilhelmina. What middle names would you pair with them?

    TIA x
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    I'm tentatively using Minerva for my girl (if she suits it once she's born, of course). I've always loved it, but was afraid it was a little out there. Recently my MIL suggested it to me, and she's really picky about names, so I was surprised to say the least. As far as I can tell, lots of people don't like it because of the sounds, but I think it's a great name with great associations, and I also like the nickname Minnie.

    I like Merida too, but am not sure how it's pronounced (haven't seen Brave yet.)

    With either I would ideally probably go with a simple, classic name so there's a 'safe' choice if she turns out to hate the unusual one. Emily or Alice or something. The trick would be finding something nice that starts with a consonant sound to flow better with the first name ending in 'a'. In reality I'm using a family mn that is a little longer than I'd prefer with Minerva, but still very classic and 'normal'.

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    [QUOTE=inthemorning;1816162] I like Merida too, but am not sure how it's pronounced (haven't seen Brave yet.)

    Merida is pronounced MARE-ih-duh (ih is in gin and pin).

    I've recently fallen for Minerva, nickname Min, and I've had my eye on Merida before Brave. People will obviously think you named her after after the Disney character- a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. If you like that connection, go for it.

    Minerva is a name that most will see as horribly old fashioned. There is the Harry Potter character, Minerva McGonagall, who I think has made it possible to use today. I actually think it has a pretty sound. And Min is a much more grown up nn option; you might even be able to use Nuri.

    I would use something classic with Merida and something a bit more in style with Minerva for middles.

    Merida Lucy
    Merida Florence
    Merida Louise
    Merida Sophie
    Merida Kate/Katherine
    Merida Claire
    Merida Charlotte

    Minerva Chloe
    Minerva Abigail
    Minerva Grace
    Minerva Lily
    Minerva Zoe
    Minerva Claire
    Minerva Lauren
    Minerva Lucy
    Minerva Scarlett
    Minerva Journey
    Minerva Eloise
    Minerva London
    Minerva Piper
    Minerva Ruby
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    I prefer Minerva to Merida, especially if paired with sister Wilhelmina. Minerva has more history and weight, imo. You might also like Morwenna - I think I like that best of all.
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    I love Merida, it's so lovely! Even more so with the Brave association! Minerva isn't my style, but I see the appeal. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, so it's pretty cool. Wilhelmina is simple goodness.

    Merida Wren
    Minerva Carys
    Wilhelmina Pearl

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