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    College---perfect for hearing "new" names!

    My campus is very diverse, and mostly a commuter university..lots of internationals, people from all parts of the country, different get the idea. I'm almost at the end of my freshman year, but really only now began realizing all the different names around here!

    Here are some names, of people i have met or interacted with recently, that i thought some of ya'll may find interesting.

    Keon (m)
    Unique (f) -ironically enough, she's one of 3 or 4..
    Tyelar (f) -i've met 2 female Tyelars, no males though!
    Aisha (f)
    Bart (m) -not sure if it's short for something or if its a stand-alone
    Anyea (f) - prn: on-yay ..that's how she spells it too
    Lydia (f) -LOVED seeing this name!
    Octavia (f) -was surprised, since she's only around 20
    Chalondias (f) -i really don't know how to pronounce this..
    Sana (f) -prn. sun-na
    Olga (f)
    Brady (m)
    Darcy (f)
    Kirby (m)
    Sesar (m) -prn. Cesar
    Phillip (m)
    Hilary (f)
    Mahlie (f) - molly
    Lisandra (f)
    Lelia (f)
    Beige (f) -her mn is Angel.
    Demitria (f) -mn is Alexis...interesting pairing!
    Elaine (f)
    Leonardo (m)
    England (f)
    Sparkle (f)
    Seleah (f)

    and obviously, alot of more common names...also, I was watching tv last night and one of the ladies on there was named Standolyn...just another unusual encounter..
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