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    Valerie: Yes a bit dated, but still quite pretty. I agree with pp, love the Amy Winehouse song. I wouldnt be a bit surprised if Valerie came back huge in the future.
    Mallory: Also has the dated feel, but personally, for some reason I cannot separate from the Babysitters Club character who seemed to have perpetually horrible luck in life.

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    I prefer Mallory. It feels more youthful, more spunky, more fun to me. Valerie feels stuffy to me and I'm not a fan of the nickname Val at all (reminds me of the Joan Van Ark character on Knots Landing).

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    Mallory is one of the few modern names that I don't despise, but Valerie is 10x better.

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    Valerie over Mallory for me. No question. Mallory just reminds me of the Babysitters Club, and tbh it's one of those names where the more I look at it the more it doesn't even look like a name. I think I'd even prefer Melody?

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    I also really love Mallory! It doesn't feel dated to me since it has such a King Arthur-y feel to me! I really dislike Valerie though. Sounds like an 80's secretary to me!
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