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    I can't decide if I really like Renna or if it feels incomplete. I love Renata and can see Renna as a beautiful nickname. I like Raina/Reina a lot too. I feel like I should like Ren/Wren...but I don't, so maybe that's why Renna doesn't appeal as much as I think it should.

    I would say Renna rhymes with henna as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dulcinea View Post
    I would pronounce it like rhyming with the word "henna"
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    Reh-nuh because there are two N's I don't thing its very confusing. I think Rena is Ree-nuh but it is a more popular name which is the only reason why it could be confusing at first, but I think it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catreynolds View Post
    From gabriela's list of suggestions: I actually know of a baby girl named Remington Grace, nicknamed Remi. I like that much better than Renna (which, to answer your question, I would pronounce as if it rhymed with henna or Jenna).
    Ohh, I like Remington with the nn Remi. It seems like I heard it on someone before, but forgot all about it. I'm adding it to my own list. Thanks!

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    I would pn it like henna or Jenna, but with an r. It's not bad, but I like the suggestions that other berries have given better.
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