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    Nameberry HELP ME!!!

    Hello Everyone,
    Please help me!!

    Okay, backstory - today I was at my niece's birthday party and a few of my sister's friends and I were discussing baby names (a few of them are pregnant). My sister's SIL (her husband's sister) said that if her baby, due in July, is a girl they would name her Leelou or Leela (they hadn't decided which, and with those spellings). This shocked me I thought that we has chosen an undiscovered gem with Lilou! I decided not to mention that Lilou was our top contender an I just kept quiet mumbling something about Viola being one we liked. We see their family about four times a year during my sister's children's birthdays, should we let the fact that they are thinking of using Leelou as their daughters name affect whether we use it?
    Also adding to the confusion is the fact that their son is named Hugo born 2 months before our Arlo and we changed our name because they had Hugo and we didn't want our baby to be the second Hugo.

    So the question is should we disregard Lilou because a "friend" who we see a few times a year said they wanted the name for their baby?

    (Oh BTW we are due in early June)

    Thanks soo much....

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    I think that it's a tricky one but you should use the name you love for your daughter. I think that since she isn't direct family it shouldn't matter too much anyway. Is she likely to be angry with you for using it? Even so, your baby is due first and I don't think that she can put "dibs" on a name anyway just because she mentioned that she liked it. I hope that helps...

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    Since you do not see them very often I wouldn't let their name choice effect yours.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I wouldn't change your name pick, but I wouldn't expect her to change her name pick either. So you should plan on two Lilous in your sister's family and/or some hurt feelings/family drama. Names aren't something you can "steal" and you can't control what others name their babies! Best of luck!

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