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  • Zahara

    13 9.85%
  • Zahra

    3 2.27%
  • Zara

    41 31.06%
  • Zelda

    24 18.18%
  • Zenobia

    15 11.36%
  • Zinnia

    35 26.52%
  • Zipporah

    14 10.61%
  • Ziva

    14 10.61%
  • Zoe

    59 44.70%
  • Zora

    17 12.88%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jun 2012
    My favorites are Zoe and Zara tied for first, with Zinnia as an unexpectedly close second, and most of the others occupying equally middle ground. I do think Zipporah and Zenobia are terrible, though.

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    Jan 2013
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    I love Zelda. It actually makes me think of Zelda Fitzgerald. It's an underused name that I find very interesting.

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    Zuri and Zayna. I know one of each. Zoe is close behind those though.
    If only I could make a living naming other people's children...

    Girl names I'm loving right now: Leonor, Jane, Daisy, Arabella, Francesca, Georgia, Violet, Flora, Raphaela, Beatrice, Kira, Winter, Zara, Sophie, Delia, Bronwen
    Boy names I love (after naming 5 of my own): Gideon, Watson, Magnus, August, Miles, Oliver, Callum, Felix, Rafe, Reuben, Bram, Cormac

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    I think my heart is with Zelda. Flapperesque and eccentric but kind of aristocratic. That "LD" sound is really appealing.
    Zelda Emerald would be Queen-of-Oz-fabulous.

    Also like Zahara, Zenobia, Zinnia, and good old Zoe (though she's lost some of her luster with overuse.)

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    Feb 2013
    Zinnia <3 My favourite Z name is probably Zola, though.

    I think Zelda is usable!
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