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    A Whole New World Story CAF, part 2

    Part 1 is here! Do that first.

    ~Year 1~

    Five families, along with a small crew, have boarded the S.S. Ulysses in search of a better life. Everyone's reasons are different, but they're now united in one effort: making it across the ocean alive. It'll take one year to reach the new continent, and it won't always be an easy ride.

    Main Plot

    Applies to the whole group. Roll 1 die.

    1. - Crossing the open ocean is tough, and gracious host villages on uncharted islands can look extremely welcoming when supplies are running low. One such village ends up being both a curse and a blessing. They have enough food to keep the ship fed until they hit the new world, but there is a terrible disease they want cured. For each doctor or scientist you have on board, roll 1 die. Even, they're infected. Odds, they manage to treat the infected without catching the disease themselves. In search of their own adventure, two young girls from the village stow away in rum barrels. Roll to name them - 1 2 3 4 5 6. Their ages are up to you.

    2. - Having been overly cautious in preparing for their journey, the ship's inhabitants have more food and supplies than they could ever need... enough to trade with some of kinder islanders they come across in their travels. Spices, fruits, rum and wine become the norm and they are living the high life. That is, until they find themselves pursued by a pirate crew that wants a piece of what they've got. Count the number of a.) politicians/lawyers, b.) police/military, and c.) socialites/comedians/bartenders on your ship. If you have more politicians/lawyers: roll 1 die. Evens, they make a deal with the pirate captain, and he leaves your ship alone. Odds, he kills one of the politicians/lawyers and takes everything. If you have more police/military: roll 1 die. Evens, they take out the pirate captain and agree to let their ship leave only once they've been given some of their treasure. Odds, the pirate captain kills one of the police/military and takes everything, plus two of the children for daring to defy him. If you have more socialites/comedians/bartenders: roll 1 die. Evens, they convince the pirate captain to join your ship. His age and name are up to you. Odds, he leaves your ship alone, but convinces one of the socialites/comedians/bartenders to go with him.

    3. - Supplies have held up pretty well, until your ship hits a long patch of open ocean as far as the eye can see. Food is tightly rationed, and the ship's inhabitants are quickly becoming malnourished. Fertility is non-existent, so any pregnancies otherwise rolled in family plots are cancelled out. For every person 4 or younger, or 56 or older, roll 1 die. 2-5, they survive until the next stop. 1 or 6, they die. If no one is between those ages, congratulations! Everyone makes it to the new world in one piece.

    4. - Early on in the voyage, spirits are high and the crew and pilgrims are getting along well. A little too well, it turns out, as the excessive barrels of wine and deceptively lawless lifestyle lead to two unplanned pregnancies, between two sets of people not partnered to each other. One set end up in a relationship, the other set does not. Roll 2 dice to find the result of each pregnancy: 1 - Girl, 2 - Boy, 3 - GG or BB, 4 - triplets of any gender combo, 5- Girl, 6 - Boy. The children should all have the same first initial as their father, and the same middle initial as their mother.

    5. - On one of its many stops, the ship comes across a village destroyed by a storm. The villagers ask for help, and will in turn share their food and medicine. If you have ten or more adults between the ages of 18 and 45, you're able to help them. They gladly share what they have. The stay goes so well that the captain falls in love with a woman on the island, marries her, and brings both her and her 13-year-old daughter along when you leave. They are both named after flowers, with French middles. If you have nine or less adults 18-45, you cannot help them, and your ship leaves without new supplies.

    6. - It couldn't be all sunshine the whole way, even if everyone hoped it would be. A not-so-friendly group turns up on one of the ship's stops, wanting to kidnap some of the children. If there are two or more nurses/teachers among your ship's inhabitants, roll 1 die. Evens, they come up with a plan to save the children and themselves. Odds, one of them is taken, creating enough of a diversion to let everyone else get away. If there is one or less nurses/teachers on board, two of the children are kidnapped, and the ship must leave without them.

    Any new additions to the ship form their own families with whoever they came with (i.e. the stowaways are one family, the pirate captain counts as his own family, if the captain marries he and his new wife and step-daughter become their own family).

    Family Plots

    Roll 1 die for each family, including the crew.

    1. - The family unit is strong, and getting stronger. If the family is headed by a heterosexual couple, they give birth to a new baby boy. His first name is related to adventure, and his middle name sounds like his mother's first name. If the family is headed by a homosexual couple, they adopt an abandoned, female toddler from one of the many uncharted islands they visit. Her name sounds familiar, but with an altered spelling, and her middle name has to do with her tropical origins. If the family is headed by a single parent, the family is unrelated, or if there are no parents, one family member gains a romantic interest - whoever is closest to their age, and not related to them.

    2. - An unfettered life at sea has a tendency to make one forget one's morals. If the family is headed by a couple, one becomes romantically involved with someone else. If there is no couple, one member becomes romantically involved with someone of a drastically different age.

    3. - If any of the children are girls, and 16 or older, one becomes pregnant after falling for a boy from one of the islands. Although she has to leave that boy behind, she's left with... well, roll 1 die to find out. 1 - Girl, 2 - Boy, 3 - GB, 4 - Girl, 5 - Boy, 6 - your choice. First name is a virtue or personality trait, middle name is one syllable. If there are no eligible family members, nothing happens.

    4. - Someone can't sleep, and takes a midnight stroll out onto the deck. Not used to the strong winds in that particular area, they're swept overboard. Roll 1 die. Evens, someone hears their screams and is able to dive in with a rope, saving their life. Odds, the winds are just too loud, and they drown.

    5. - Someone, 13 or older, bonds with one of the (other) adults, learning all about their life and their trade. If they already have a profession, add a new one (i.e. someone who is a singer bonds with a scientist, becomes a singer/scientist). If they don't already have a profession, they've gained one.

    6. - Nothing happens. There's enough drama going on around this family; they're just trying to hold on.

    At the end of this chapter, all babies have been born, and everyone is a year older. Part 3 coming soon!
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    Main Plot: Rolled 4 - Hannah Stoltzfus and Balthazar Hart have triplets; Isolde Jordan and Tristan Simon have triplets.
    Family Plot, Crew: Rolled 5 - Bay Hill learned military.
    Family Plot, Stoltzfus: Rolled 1 - Hannah and Balthazar became romantically involved.
    Family Plot, Jordan: Rolled 2 - Frankie-Jean became romantically involved with Hamish Fergus.
    Family Plot, Emerson-Bailey: Rolled 5 - Brewer Emerson-Bailey learned medical skills.
    Family Plot, Simon: Rolled 5 - Beckett Simon learned to sing.
    Family Plot, Holladay: Rolled 4 - Moxie nearly drowns, but is saved by Nicholas.
    Family Plot, Jordan & Simon: Rolled 4 - Isolde drowns.

    Ship Crew

    Captain: Balthazar Tiberius Hart (44 - M, involved with H. Stoltzfus)
    First Mate: Hamish Lou Fergus (53 - M, involved with F-J. Jordan)
    Cook: Isidore Cotton Humphrey (32 - F)
    Crew #1: Bay Win Hill (37 - F, military)
    Crew #2: Jedidiah Kit Park (61 - M)
    Crew #3: Inigo Maxfield Suarez (60 - M)

    The Stoltzfus Family

    Hannah Mae Stoltzfus (33, meter maid, involed with B. Hart)
    Linus Harvey Stoltzfus (17)
    Beatrice Mary Stoltzfus / Benjamin Moran Stoltzfus / Bella Madison Stoltzfus (1 month, with B. Hart)

    The Jordan Family

    Ace Titus Jordan (49, lawyer) & Frankie-Jean Patience Jordan (48, socialite, involved with H. Fergus)

    Aida Dream Jordan (23, nurse)
    Rosina Mercy Jordan & Violetta Saffron Jordan (19)
    Benoit Hendrix Jordan (16)

    The Emerson-Bailey Family

    Brewer Kennedy Emerson-Bailey (37, retired navy, doctor) & Chuck Flynn Emerson-Bailey (40, retired navy)

    Daisy River Emerson-Bailey (12)
    Hawk Quinn Emerson-Bailey (11)
    Phoebe Lane Emerson-Bailey / Dahlia Phoenix Emerson-Bailey (8)
    Sage Paxton Emerson-Bailey (5)
    Storm Kendall Emerson-Bailey (2)

    The Simon Family

    Eloise Darcy Simon (17, lounge singer)
    Beckett Gulliver Simon (15, singer)
    Dashiell Sawyer Simon (14) "Dash"
    Harper Edith Simon / Hermione Archer Simon / Hadley Zane Simon (8)

    The Holladay Family

    Nicholas Buck Holladay (33, stage actor) & Katerina Louise Holladay (32, socialite)

    Moxie Flynn Holladay (14)
    Scarlett Doe Holladay (6)
    Duke Reid Holladay / Maverick Lorcan Holladay / Bree Collette Holladay (3)

    The Jordan-Simon Family

    Tristan Scarlett Simon (19, government errand boy)
    Teagan Karina Simon / Theodore Kirk Simon / Tatiana Katla Simon (2 months)


    None yet.


    Isolde Karma Jordan (25, secretary, mother of three)
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    Main Plot, Rolled 5 - Stone Gold falls in love with Lily Ellayne and marries her. She and her daughter, Rose Aceline, come aboard.
    Family Plot: Crew, Rolled 5 - Ellis bonds with Beth Turner and learns how to be a doctor.
    Family Plot: Garner, Rolled 3 - Nothing happens.
    Family Plot: Garcia, Rolled 1 - Artemis gives birth to a baby boy, Everett Arthur.
    Family Plot: Valentine, Rolled 4 - Max falls overboard and drowns.
    Family Plot: Abner, Rolled 2 - Athena becomes romantically involved with Chase Garner.
    Family Plot: Turner, Rolled 1 - Beth gives birth to a baby boy, Archer Benjamin.
    Family Plot: Gold, Rolled 4 - Rose falls overboard, but is saved by Josh Abner.

    Captain (53): Stone Rupert Gold
    First Mate (46): Kit Blaze Milligan
    Cook (36): Harley Rebel Greene
    Crew #1 (48): Ellis Bravery Smith
    --Doctor/Crew member
    Crew #2 (60): Magnus Lennon Collins
    Crew #3 (62) [F]: Sayer Imogen Mills

    Family #1

    DH (36): Chase Louis Garner (involved with Athena Abner)
    DW (35): Caroline Sophia Garner
    -DD/DD (11): Phoebe Odette Garner / Margaret Edith Garner 'Maggie'
    -DS/DS (5): Victor Enoch Garner / Vincent Adlai Garner

    Family #2

    DH (49): Cruz Fabian Garcia
    DW (48): Artemis Cressida Garcia
    -DD (25): Jessamine Harlow Garcia 'Jess'
    --Soccer Player
    -DD (23): Bronte Patience Garcia
    -DD (19): Anniston Karma Garcia 'Annie'
    -DD (19): Kennedy Emilia Garcia
    -DS (16): Madden Ace Garcia
    -DS (5 months): Everett Arthur Garcia

    Family #3

    DW (37): Victoria Snow Valentine
    --Personal Assistant
    -DS (13): William Arrow Valentine 'Will'
    -DD (12): Arya Dwyn Valentine
    -DS (10): Holden Cato Valentine
    -DD (7): Briar Acacia Valentine
    -DD (6): Ruby Countess Valentine
    -DS (4): Jace Ewan Valentine
    -DD (1): Violet Cadence Valentine

    Family #4

    DD (20): Athena Diane Abner (involved with Chase Garner)
    DS (17): Joshua Walter Abner 'Josh'
    DD (14): Cecily Clara Abner
    DD (11): Jemima Cela Abner
    DS (8): Macon Lev Abner
    DS (5): Spencer Gray Abner
    DD (3): Temperance Lucille Abner

    Your Family

    DH (28): Brennan Reid Turner
    DW (24): Bethany Charlotte Turner 'Beth'
    -DS (3): Nolan Alexander Turner
    -DD (2): Isabelle Faith Turner 'Belle'
    -DS (2 months): Archer Benjamin Turner

    Captain's Family
    DH (53): Stone Rupert Gold
    --Ship's Captain
    DW (49): Lily Ellayne Gold
    DD (13): Rose Aceline Gold

    None yet.

    Maxwell Carden Valentine 'Max' (43, writer, father of seven)
    Favorites: William Tyler | Nolan Spencer | Nicholas Reid | Joshua Alexander | Isabelle Faith | Bethany Hope | Austen Victoria | Ruby Charlotte

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    Main Plot: 6 Carmen Atwood & Dashiell Spencer, with some help from David Hart & Lucy Atwood, were able to devise a plan to save the children from kidnappers and get away safely.
    The Crew Plot: 6 Nothing happens.
    Family 1 Plot: 2 Victor Hapsel begins a drunken relationship with First Mate Butch Lewis.
    Family 2 Plot: 3 Violetta Atwood, who after having her first 'boyfriend' on an island stop decides to call herself Lady, finds out he has left her pregnant with twins.
    Family 3 Plot: 1 While stopped on the island, Simon Rocket is convinced by a native to adopt her orphaned niece.
    Family 4 Plot: 4 Adelaide Martin, thinking she heard something, walks onto the deck where she is forcibly carried overboard while everyone is asleep.
    Family 5 Plot: 1 Elinor Castillo gives birth to a boy.

    The Crew

    Cabot Barnaby Stevenson, ship captain (65)
    Butch Wilder Lewis, first mate (33) involved with V. Hapsel
    Donatella Winslow Robbia, ship cook (25)
    Draven Cedar Henderson, ship crew (61)
    Oswald Finlay Gentile, 'Oz' ship crew (20)
    Kit Alaia Brown, 'Alaia' ship crew (51)

    Family 1: Hapsel

    Victor Linus Hapsel, (17) w/B. Lewis
    Caspar Laszlo Hapsel, 'Laz' (17)

    Family 2: Atwood

    Ivan Ambrose Atwood, comedian (49)
    Carmen Alexia Atwood, university dean (48)
    - Tallulah Mabel Atwood, designer (25)
    - Lucinda Bailey Atwood, 'Lucy' nurse (23)
    - Clara Everly Atwood (19)
    - Phineas Ambrose Atwood, 'Finn' (16)

    Family 3: Hart/Rocket

    Simon Nealon Rocket, food truck (36)
    David Caspian Hart, pediatrics (41)
    - Anna Cosima Hart-Rocket (8)
    - Emily Snow Hart-Rocket (6)
    - Izobel Malia Hart-Rocket (3)

    Family 4: Martin/Spencer

    Scarlett Esme Martin, actress (43)
    Dashiell Louis Spencer, plastic surgeon (60)
    - Apollo Jonah Martin, socialite (21)
    - Gretchen Lois Spencer (6)
    - Julius Willie Spencer (6)
    - Vida Opal Spencer (6)

    Family 5: Bolton/Castillo

    Gaius Jacoby Bolton, state assembly (31)
    Elinor Davina Castillo, advertising exec (32)
    - Vasco Elliott Castillo (NB)

    Family 6: Atwood

    Violetta Sage Atwood 'Lady' (19)
    - Fidelia Tess Atwood (NB)
    - Prospero Seth Atwood (NB)

    MISSING: None as of yet

    GRAVEYARD: Adelaide Dinah Martin, retired actress (67)

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    MAIN PLOT (rolled 5):
    On one of its many stops, the ship comes across a village destroyed by a storm. The villagers ask for help, and will in turn share their food and medicine. They gladly share what they have. The stay goes so well that the captain falls in love with a woman on the island, Violet Jeanette, marries her, and brings both her and her 13-year-old daughter, Daisy Emelie, along when you leave.

    FAMILY #1 (rolled 6), FAMILY #2 (rolled 5), FAMILY #3 (rolled 1), FAMILY #4 (rolled 4), MY FAMILY (rolled 4).
    CREW PLOT: (rolled 2)

    An unfettered life at sea has a tendency to make one forget one's morals. Tuesday becomes romantically involved with Buster.

    Captain: Alfie Hamish Cook (37) + DW: Violet Jeanette + DaD: Daisy Emelie
    First Mate: Bartholomew Kit Reynolds (34)
    Cook: Caesar Lloyd Nigel (40)
    Crew #1: Tuesday Jinx Collins (59) *becomes romantically involved with Buster
    Crew #2: Jezebel Doe Louis (51)
    Crew #3: Buster Maddox Jenkins (21) *becomes romantically involved with Tuesday

    FAAMILY #1 (Conan)
    Nothing happens. There's enough drama going on around this family; they're just trying to hold on.
    DH: Arthur Ignatius (35) *Lawyer
    DS/DS: Angus Leopold/Byron Willoughby (15)

    FAMILY #2 (Scott)
    Rupert bonds with one of the (other) adults, Arthur Conan, learns all about his life and his trade and becomes a lawyer.
    DH: Audrey Eliora (48) *Professor (Arts)
    DW: Radley Linus (47) *Entrepreneur (Hotel manager)
    DD: Ellington Ida (24) *Teacher (French)
    DD: Everly Harlow (22) *Teacher (Mathematics)
    DD/DD: Evangelene Musetta (18)
    DS: Rupert Baldwin (15) *becomes a lawyer

    FAMILY #3 (Kensington)
    The family unit is strong, and getting stronger. They give birth to a new baby boy.
    DH: Wilder Chance (51) *Writer (Crime novels)
    DW: Alexis Reignbow (51) *Comedian
    DS: Alistair Monroe (27) *Athlete (soccer player)
    DS: Hunter Alexander (newborn)

    FAMILY #4 (Jackson)
    Ethan can't sleep, and takes a midnight stroll out onto the deck. Not used to the strong winds in that particular area, he’s swept overboard. Hannah hears his screams and is able to dive in with a rope, saving his life.
    DW: Hannah Eugenia (49) *Police officer
    DD/DD: Emma Hilary/Eloise Harriet (20)
    DS: Ethan Hubert (17) *Personal assistant
    DS/DS/DS: Moses Stanley/Jonah Bernard/Caspar Kenneth (14)

    MY FAMILY (Reed)
    Anna can't sleep, and takes a midnight stroll out onto the deck. Not used to the strong winds in that particular area, she’s swept overboard. The winds are just too loud, and she drowns.
    DH: David Christopher (36) *Artist (bass player)
    DW: Anna Catherine (34) *Military (Air Force) - DECEASED
    DS: David Christopher Jr. (10)
    DD/DD: Ophelia Teddi/Layla Maeve (8)
    DS: James Buchanan (5)
    DS/DS: Howard Wesley/Sebastian Winston (2)

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