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    Upper Class CAF 3

    DH: Charles, George, Frederick / Nigel, Remington, Laurence (LN: Belmont, Farbridge, De Clare) (88)
    DW: Irene, Marianne, Rosalind / Joyce, Florence, Cordelia (MN: Richmond, Lockwood, Porter) (85)

    DS1: Edward, James, Landon / Father's first name (58)
    DD1: Fiona, Alice, Daphne / Mother's first name (56)
    DS2: Simon, Jonathan, Henry / Father's middle name (53)
    DS3: Benjamin, Gregor, Michael / Peter, Thomas, Andrew (50)


    DS1: (58)
    DW: Annette, Catherine, Francesca / Bridgette, Evelyn, Diana (MN: Lincoln, McAllister, Langston) (57)

    DS1: Christian, Lucas, Declan / Father's first name (34)
    DS1: Christopher, Nicolas, Dominic / Father's middle name (32)


    DS1: (34)
    DW: Marcia, Emma, Julianne / Kathleen, Natasha, Isabella (MN: Winston, Cummings, Belleville) (34)

    DS1: Otto, Lewis, Elliott / Tobias, Theodore, Spencer (3)
    DD1: Livia, Evie, Darcy / Beatrix, Annelise, Sophia (1)


    DS2: (32)
    DW: Grace, Anastasia, Arabella / Eleanore, Valentina, Marcella (LN: Rowley, Blythe, Lytton) (29)


    DD1: (56)
    DH: Victor, Pierre. Ellis / William, Stephen, Giles (LN: Montomery, Vanderbilt, Bradford) (58)

    DS1: Preston, Kenneth, Royce / Father's middle name (31)
    DD1: Ceanna, Colleen, Serena / Mother's middle name (29)


    DS1: (31)
    DW: Zara, Ivy, Lauren / Bianca, Audrey, Christina (MN: Montcroix, Brent, Kingsley) (30)

    DD1: Celia, Madeline, Sasha / Amelia, Lily, Estelle (4)
    DD2: Cleo, Madison, Stella / Alexandra, Lucy, Eloise (2)


    DD1: (29)
    DH: Jacob, Anthony, Alden / Oliver, Curtis, Harrison (LN: Ashdown, Redmond, Garrington) (32)

    DD1: Zoe, Blair, Ingrid / Adelia, Georgette, Charlotte (2)


    DS2: (53)
    DW: Veronica, Dianna, Constance / Elizabeth, Ophelia, Caroline (MN: Izzard, Crew, Hillingham) (51)

    DD1: Cassandra, Lorena, Calliope / Mother's First name (27)
    DD2: Sarah, Mirabelle, Scarlett / Mother's middle name (24)


    DD1: (27)
    DH: Justin, Kent, Zachary / Leonardo, Adam, Jeremy (LN: Claymoore, Wellington, Holt) (37)

    DD or DS: Layla, Maisie, Georgia / Isadora, Jane, Victoria OR Brock, Felix, Isaac / August, Caspian, Graham (exp)


    DS3: (50)
    DW: Francine, Anne, Addison / Gwendolyn, Lucienne, Cosima (LN: Royale, Tudor, Crawford) (48)

    DD1: Natalia, Alessandra, Josephine / Lillian, Philippa, Meredith (18)
    DS1: Cornelius, Marshall, Alexander / Maximus, Jonathan, Benedict (14)
    Isaac + Alice + Alvin
    auntie to Milia, Colin & Lovelia

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    DH: Charles Remington De Clare (88)
    DW: Marianne Joyce (Lockwood) De Clare (85)

    DS1: Landon Charles De Clare (58)
    DD1: Fiona Marianne De Clare (56)
    DS2: Henry Remington De Clare (53)
    DS3: Michael Andrew De Clare (50)


    DS1: Landon Charles De Clare (58)
    DW: Catherine Diana (McAllister) De Clare (57)

    DS1: Christian Landon De Clare (34)
    DS1: Christopher Charles De Clare (32)


    DS1: Christian Landon De Clare (34)
    DW: Julianne Natasha (Belleville) De Clare (34)

    DS1: Lewis Theodore De Clare (3)
    DD1: Livia Annelise De Clare (1)


    DS2: Christopher Charles De Clare (32)
    DW: Anastasia Valentina (Lytton) De Clare (29)


    DD1: Fiona Marianne (De Clare) Vanderbilt (56)
    DH: Ellis William Vanderbilt (58)

    DS1: Preston William Vanderbilt (31)
    DD1: Serena Marianne Vanderbilt (29)


    DS1: Preston William Vanderbilt (31)
    DW: Lauren Christina (Montcroix) Vanderbilt (30)

    DD1: Celia Estelle Vanderbilt (4)
    DD2: Cleo Eloise Vanderbilt (2)


    DD1: Serena Marianne (Vanderbilt) Ashdown (29)
    DH: Alden Oliver Ashdown (32)

    DD1: Zoe Charlotte Ashdown (2)


    DS2: Henry Remington De Clare (53)
    DW: Veronica Elizabeth (Hillingham) De Clare (51)

    DD1: Cassandra Veronica De Clare (27)
    DD2: Scarlett Elizabeth De Clare (24)


    DD1: Cassandra Veronica (De Clare) Wellington (27)
    DH: Kent Leonardo Wellington (37)

    DD or DS: Georgia Jane Wellington OR Isaac Graham Wellington (exp)


    DS3: Michael Andrew De Clare (50)
    DW: Addison Lucienne (Crawford) De Clare (48)

    DD1: Natalia Philippa De Clare (18)
    DS1: Alexander Maximus De Clare (14)
    Isaac + Alice + Alvin
    auntie to Milia, Colin & Lovelia

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    DH (88): Frederick Remington Belmont "Fred"
    DW (85): Rosalind Joyce *Porter* Belmont
    DS1 (58): James Frederick Belmont "Jim"
    DD1 (56): Alice Rosalind Belmont
    DS2 (53): Henry Remington Belmont
    DS3 (50): Michael Peter Belmont "Mike"

    DS1 (58): James Frederick Belmont "Jim"
    DW (57): Annette Evelyn *Langston* Belmont "Anne"
    -DS (34): Christian James Belmont
    --DW (34): Julianne Kathleen *Winston* Belmont
    ---DS (3): Elliott Tobias Belmont
    ---DD (1): Evie Annelise Belmont
    -DS (32): Nicholas Frederick Belmont "Nick"
    --DW (29): Grace Eleanore *Lytton* Belmont

    DD1 (56): Alice Rosalind *Belmont* Montgomery
    DH (58): Victor William Montgomery "Vic"
    -DS (31): Preston William Montgomery
    --DW (30): Ivy Christina *Brent* Montgomery
    ---DD (4): Madeline Estelle Montgomery "Maddie"
    ---DD (2): Stella Alexandra Montgomery
    -DD (29): Colleen Rosalind *Montgomery* Garrington
    --DH (32): Anthony Curtis Garrington "Tony"
    ---DD (2): Zoe Charlotte Garrington

    DS2 (53): Henry Remington Belmont
    DW (51): Constance Elizabeth *Hillingham* Belmont "Connie"
    -DD (27): Lorena Constance *Belmont* Wellington
    --DH (37): Kent Adam Wellington
    ---DDorDS (exp): Maisie Jane Wellington OR Brock Graham Wellington
    -DD (25): Sarah Elizabeth Belmont

    DS3 (50): Michael Peter Belmont "Mike"
    DW (48): Addison Lucienne *Tudor* Belmont "Addie"
    -DD (18): Josephine Meredith Belmont "Josie"
    -DS (14): Marshall Bendict Belmont

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    DH(88): Charles Laurence Farbridge
    DW(85): Rosalind Florence {Lockwood} Farbridge (Rose)
    --DS(58): Edward Charles Farbridge (Ed)
    --DD(56): Fiona Rosalind Farbridge
    --DS(53): Henry Laurence Farbridge
    --DS(50): Benjamin Peter Farbridge (Ben)


    DS(58): Edward Charles Farbridge (Ed)
    --DW(57): Catherine Diana {Langston} Farbridge (Cate)
    ----DS(34): Lucas Edward Farbridge
    ------DW(34): Emma Natasha {Belleville}
    --------DS(3): Elliott Tobias Farbridge
    --------DD(1): Evie Beatrix Farbridge
    ----DS(32): Dominic Charles Farbridge (Dom)
    ------DW(29): Grace Valentina {Lytton} Farbridge

    DD(56): Fiona Rosalind {Farbridge} Bradford
    --DH(58): Victor William Bradford
    ----DS(31): Preston William Bradford
    ------DW(30): Ivy Christina {Montcroix} Bradford
    --------DD(4): Sasha Lily Bradford
    --------DD(2): Cleo Lucy Bradford
    ----DD(29): Serena Rosalind {Bradford} Redmond
    ------DH(32): Jacob Oliver Redmond (Jake)
    --------DD(2): Blair Charlotte Redmond

    DS(53): Henry Laurence Farbridge
    --DW(51): Constance Ophelia {Izzard} Farbridge (Connie)
    ----DD(27): Lorena Constance {Farbridge} Holt
    ------DH(37): Zachary Adam Holt (Zach)
    --------DD or DS(exp): Georgia Isadora Holt or Isaac August Holt
    ----DD(24): Scarlett Ophelia Farbridge

    DS(50): Benjamin Peter Farbridge (Ben)
    --DW(48): Francine Gwendolyn {Royale} Farbridge (Frankie)
    ----DD(18): Josephine Lillian Farbridge (Josie)
    ----DS(14): Alexander Jonathan Farbridge (Xander)


    Charles & Rose - Ed, Fiona, Henry and Ben.
    Ed & Cate - Lucas and Dom.
    Lucas & Emma - Elliott and Evie.
    Dom & Grace.
    Fiona & Victor - Preston and Serena.
    Preston & Ivy - Sasha and Cleo.
    Serena & Jake - Blair.
    Henry & Connie - Lorena and Scarlett.
    Lorena & Zach - Georgia or Isaac.
    Ben & Frankie - Josie and Xander.

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