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Thread: Chiara

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    I've been thinking a lot about Chiara lately, as it's a long time love that I've recently remembered. I think I may have abandoned it for pronunciation purposes, but I'm not sure how much of a problem that would actually be. Would this work for a baby with no Italian heritage?

    NB: I'm not interested in Kiara or Keira or its variants, despite their beauty. I need a 'C' name to commemorate my late mother, Cathy. Also, there's something about the way Chiara looks that I find indescribably beautiful.

    Thanks for the thoughts!
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    I agree that it's absolutely beautiful, but in all honesty, I believe MOST people are not aware of this name or its pronunciation. Therefore, most will pronounce it CHEE-ar-ah or CHEE-air-ah. I have a student named Kiara and even though I totally agree that Chiara is much prettier, Kiara is a lot more obvious and self-explanatory within the English language. Basically it comes down to if it would bother you to constantly correct people on the pronunciation. If you can really imagine that you would take it in stride, then a potential daughter would probably have a similar view on those type of things and it may not be a problem for her, either.
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    I know a little Chiara who is half Italian, though she's the only kid in her family to have an Italian name. However, her name does get messed up a lot. The English language is complicated- people will wonder 'ch' is pronounced as in march or in archaic. The ending will get trouble, as well. A Kiara I know responds to both Key-are-uh and Key-air-uh, though she says the former is correct.
    It's a beautiful name, a lot prettier than Kiara IMO, but it might cause prn problems.
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    I always see "Chiari" instead of Chiara...

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    Chiara is beautiful and I would use that spelling despite potential difficulties.

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