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    Beautiful list!
    My favorites are Garnet and Tressa.
    Garnet is nice with Willow and Veda because it's similarly literal but evocative and a tiny bit shadowy (unlike straightforward Ruby)
    I usually sniff at those names that refer to birth order, but Tressa is magical. Three is a powerful number anyway.
    I want to like Elidi more than I do, because it's great written and fresh as can be. To my ears though, it's too close to Melody. Prefer Alida.
    Salome and Solomon would be incredible for G/B twins.
    Artis and Raine are divine, as firsts or middles for Tressa - neither goes with Garnet, sadly.
    Other Arthur-related names-
    Aretha :-)

    Also, maybe its not dry enough for you, but Lilith springs to mind.

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    Bethlow- thanks for the input. In Canada (in the 70's/80's) Beth-Anne/BethAnn was pretty common, and I don't think I'd want to correct people all the time. I love Freya! Hubby says he likes it too. I worry it might be too close to Veda ("vay-dah"), though.

    Maudie- Elidi is pronounced "Ell-id-ee"

    Emmabobemma- hubby dislike Elidi, "because it just sounds like you're saying Melody wrong!"

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