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    Picky Mom needs help!!!

    Please help me! I am about to have my 4th child. We don't know if it is going to be a boy or girl. This is my dilemma. We have this trend going with double letter names in our children.
    Our 6 year old son is Tanner Scot
    Our 4 year old son is Leeland Bryce
    & our 2 year older daughter is Emma Rae

    We have the boy name of Dyllan Chase picked out if its a boy but cannot find a girl name to fit our criteria and the reason being is I am VERY picky. So here is what I am looking for.
    Must be double letter.
    Cannot begin with the letters, A, E, J, L or T.
    Don't want to use the same double letters we already have which are NN, EE or MM.
    Only positive post please. Thanks so much for your help!

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    Gabby is the first one that came to mind. Normally a nn for Gabriella, which also has double letters. But Gabby and Emma sound perfect as sisters. Gabriella and Emma also sound nice, though if she were mostly called Gabby, that would be even better.

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    I am not trying to be negative, just a suggestion: If you're going with the double "L" for Dyllan, I think the spelling Dillon looks less You-neek/made up. Just a thought.

    What about
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    I think the best choice would be Ella names. They're so popular right now that I feel like the double letter thing will seem like a cool coincidence, rather than like you were trying to make it happen. Gabriella/Gabby is great, but Annabel/Annabella, Isabella/Isabelle, Stella, Noelle, Danielle (my favorite with sibligns!) etc. would work nicely.

    There's also Molly, Holly, Tess/Tessa, Summer, Mallory, Julianna/Arianna, etc.

    Personally with your other children I like Danielle, Molly, or Mallory the best. Good luck!

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