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    Twin for Jane "Janie"?

    I love the name Jane "Janie" but it seems like names are always too fancy or too trendy or too long to go well with it. Just for the sake of getting a feel for what names you think would work, what would you name a twin to Jane "Janie"? Either gender
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    Jane needs a twin name with a short and sweet, but not too matchy, name. Here are my ideas:
    Jane & Maeve
    Jane & Fern
    Jane & Hope
    Jane & Pearl
    Jane & Anne
    Jane & Ivy (my favorite)
    Jane & Iris

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    I think Jane can pair very well with most names. It's concise and classic, but it doesn't seem out of place with many modern names either. I would avoid another J name or another name with the "ay" sound though. I like Jane and Katherine. Jane and Elizabeth. Jane and Victoria. Jane and Thomas. Jane and Victor. Okay, all my suggestions are classic I guess.

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    I like short and "offbeat vintage" names to go with Jane:

    Jane and Gwen ( Janie and Winnie)
    Jane and Rose ( Janie and Rosie)
    Jane and Ruth ( Janie and Ruthie or Janie and Roo)
    Jane and Frances ( Janie and Franny or Janie and Frankie)

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