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Thread: Rowan/Owen

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    Since my husband likes Owen and I like Rowan, what do you all think about the spelling Rowen? It looks like the Rowan spelling was #309 in 2011 and Rowen was #848. So I guess that means it's not unheard of and is usable I guess. With all of the girl Rowans, does the Rowen spelling look more masculine? Or does it look like I don't know how to spell? lol Would very much appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
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    I don't think it looks more masculine and while I'm not used to Rowen and thus might be biased in my liking of Rowan more I think it's a great compromise. Also Rowen would be really nice with Carter and Griffin.
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    I think Rowen is a very sweet compromise. The name will have meaning to you, your husband and your son. Since Rowen is already considered an acceptable variation, i.e. you are not inventing a spelling, I think it is perfectly fine. As it is the least popular version, he will probably have to tell people how to spell it, but even basic names can have multiple spellings (Cate/Kate).

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    I tend to prefer the traditional spellings and the spellings that would be easiest and cause the least amount of problems. As long as you pronounce Rowan as RO-wen and not Ro-en, the names are so similar sounding that the spelling compromise isn't necessary. I find Rowen more feminine than Rowan, because of its similarity to Rowena.
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    Clever compromise! Rowen doesn't strike me as more (or less) masculine, but the spelling looks fine and will hardly confuse anyone.
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