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    I'm in the US and I don't see it as a stereotypical Hispanic name at all. Seems much more ancient to me. I think Huck could work, but it seems like a bit of a stretch and just doesn't go with the style of Hector in my mind. I don't think Hector needs a nickname. If his friends want to give him a nn or he wants to take a nn when he grows up, they'll think of something -- don't worry about that. I think it's a great name and goes really well with all the names you mentioned ... except Zephyr -- that one seems a little out of left field with the others to me.

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    Hector is a fabulous name and goes wonderfully with your other names! I've met several Hectors, so I absolutely think it's wearable. It's true that most of the Hector's I've met have been hispanic, but I don't think it conveys ethnicity in isolation. I think one of the reasons why this name is so fabulous is that it is so cross-cultural!
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    Yes. I like Hector and Huckleberry!

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    I think Hec could work for a nn. Or Tory. I like Hector- Reminds me of Hector Berlioz- French composer.

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    I think it's a good name. It seems very strong.

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