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    Smile Best American Seaside Towns? - Off topic

    I am an Aussie, so I have no idea, but I have kind of fallen in love with those beautiful seaside towns, you all have. I have kind of also developed the whole romantic idea of Nicholas Spark's Safe Haven. I am currently saving for a trip to the US anyway, so I wanted to ask, what are the best small seaside towns you know of? I am looking for friendly, bonfires on the beach, little boardwalks and cafes, fourth of July parties - you get the idea! Thanks and sorry for posting it here, but I thought you'd all know best!
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    In California, I think Laguna Beach, Avila Beach, Santa Barbara and Monterey are beautiful (from south to north).
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    sodallas3 Hi from one Aussie to another!
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    Let's see... I liked Hilton Head Island, in South Carolina and Rehoboth in Delaware. Both had boardwalks as far as I remember

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    Charleston, South Carolina on the East Coast! Or if you want to try something a little different, the Acadia park in Maine was such a fun trip.
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