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    Comment away! The girl version!


    Baby Cosima,
    expected to arrive in or around September

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    Alma -- Not too bad but a bit dated.
    Amabel -- Nice, unique variation to the whole -belle trend.
    Artemis -- This name has always struck me as a male name.
    Aurelia -- Pretty but reminds me of aureola.
    Blythe -- Lovely.
    Circe -- Reminds me of circa and Circo (Kid/Toddler brand at Target).
    Clementine -- Lovely.
    Clover -- Not too bad but I like Clementine more.
    Cressida -- Dislike the "cress" part, reminds me of crusty.
    Gwenore -- Looks like a name smush of Gwendolen and Eleanor.
    Elodie -- Gorgeous.
    Elowen -- Eh, I prefer other El- names to this.
    Euphemia -- Sounds too posh and frilly for me.
    Evangeline -- Gorgeous.
    Flavia -- Flavor?
    Frida -- Nice.
    Helena -- I prefer Helen.
    Honor -- Nah.
    Ingrid -- Lovely.
    Isla -- Beautiful.
    Juniper -- I like it with the nickname June.
    Magnolia -- Pretty.
    Meliora -- Liora is prettier.
    Melisande -- Prefer Millicent.
    Mimosa -- Sangria. Martini. Manhattan. Sorry, cocktails don't make good names.
    Nova -- Eh.
    Paloma -- Gorgeous.
    Phaedra -- I don't like it.
    Rosamund -- Dislike the -mund part.
    Seraphina -- It's okay but I prefer plain ole Sara(h).
    Seren -- Feels like something's missing.
    Silvia -- I prefer the Syvia spelling.
    Soleil -- Not fond of it.
    Sophronia -- Just Sophia is nicer and simpler.
    Soraya -- Looks made up.
    Thalassa -- See Soraya.
    Verity -- Gorgeous.
    Viola -- It's okay but I prefer Violet.
    Willa -- Prefer Willow.
    Wisteria -- Lane?
    Wren -- Pretty.
    Zephyrine -- It's not bad.
    Zinnia -- I like it.

    My favorites are Elodie, Evangeline, Ingrid, and Paloma.
    ** The opinions expressed above are not meant to be reflective of Nameberry as a whole but are my opinion and mine alone. **

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    First or middle:
    Alma -just old fashioned to me, but I like the meaning.
    Amabel -meh.
    Artemis - Love, if you're brave enough to use it.
    Aurelia - Love it, it's on my list too.
    Blythe -I know a lot of people like this name, but it has no substance to me. Better as a middle.
    Circe - Nms.
    Clementine -Love love love, another on my list.
    Clover - I don't see it on a person, for some reason, just on a pet.
    Cressida - This name has been really growing on me lately. Possibly b/c of the Hunger Games.
    Gwenore - Prefer Guinevere or Gwendolyn, but it's usable I guess.
    Elodie - Like a lot.
    Elowen - Seems very Tolkien to me. (w/o even knowing if it actually is…)
    Euphemia - reminds me of euphemisms...
    Evangeline -Love, so gorgeous, but has religious connotations, which could be good or bad.
    Flavia -meh.
    Frida - meh.
    Helena - I like it, but could have pronunciation issues
    Honor - starbaby.
    Ingrid -very milkmaid.
    Isla - Love.
    Juniper - LOVE.
    Magnolia - Love, another one on my list.
    Meliora - Seems very frilly.
    Melisande - could have pronunciation issues, another frilly and formal.
    Mimosa - like the drink?! The only one that is really unusable to me.
    Nova - Like a lot.
    Paloma -Like it.
    Phaedra - like, not love.
    Rosamund - very usable, and underused. Nice!
    Seraphina -like.
    Seren - pronunciation? Ser-enn or serene?
    Silvia - a name that is ready for a comeback, I think.
    Soleil - pronunciation issues again, I think.
    Sophronia -very formal and frilly.
    Soraya -I know someone with this name, so I know it's usable.
    Thalassa -nms.
    Verity -usable.
    Viola -Underrated and lovely.
    Willa - Just like Viola, underrated and lovely.
    Wisteria - I think people will think of the Desperate Housewives show, at least for awhile.
    Wren -Love, love.
    Zephyrine - nms.
    Zinnia -Like.

    My favorites: Clementine, Artemis, Elodie, Juniper, Magnolia, Rosamund, Viola and Willa.

    Overall, I think your middle name list is more usable than your first name list. But I'm coming from an American perspective, and I don't know where you live.
    - current loves -
    Harriet - Flora - Violet - Clementine - Matilda - Wilhelmina - Josephine - Cordelia
    Milo - Frederick - Dashiell - Gus - Atticus - Felix - Theo - Harrison - Jack

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    Ones I would cut just because they sound too fantasy for a small child/adult or will be difficult for ppl to pronounce/spell:

    Maddox (Max) James 08.31.13.

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    My top 3 from your list would be Clementine, Viola, and Willa, all lovely! Good luck
    Alice, Cecilia, Cora, Eve, Georgia, Iris, Johanna, Phoebe, Rose, Sylvie, Tess, Violet
    Calvin, Dexter, Felix, Graham, Hugo, Leo, Louis, Miles, Oscar, Paul, Simon, Walter

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