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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    It astonishes me how many people pronounce Xavier with an "X" instead of a "Z" sound. The "X-Men" franchise has had too much influence on this name. Personally, I still consider the pronunciation "ex-ay-vee-er" a modern invention.
    I am a huge X-Men fan and have the name on my boy's list specifically because of the character. It would be silly for me to pronounce it ZAY-vee-yer. I understand that logically that is how it is meant to be pronounced though.
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    I say Zay-vee-er. We are planning to use this, if we have another son. My husband likes pronouncing it the Spanish way and saying Ha-vee-er, or the French way, Hav-vee-ay but he agrees that this would be confusing to insist on in America, so we are going w. the Zay-vee-er pronounciation. I agreed that we can call him Havi as a nickname and also that if he ever decides to move to Barcelona or Paris, we can pronounce him name in the appropriate way for wherever he lives. My husband is somewhat obsessed with the idea that our children will move to other countries. This comes up a lot in our naming discussions.

    I think that in the old X-men comics, they used to spell Professeor X's name like Xzavier.

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    I would pronounce it starting with a "Z" sound, not an "X" personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    @katemp91 - The Spanish Javier would be pronounced with an H sound.
    Xavier is also pronounced with a 'h' sound in Spanish. I've known several hispanic Xavier's who pronounce their names like this - I once got yelled at for pronouncing it with a 'z'! If speaking to an anglophone, I would say zay-vee-uhr though.
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