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    My younger daughter is Jemima Natalie. If we had gone with Natalie for her first name, her nickname would have been Tasha. Natalie is a classic name.

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    I love the name Natalie. I have never like the nn Natty, but I love Tallie. Tallie is adorable!
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    I don't love Natalie, TBH. It sounds pretty dated to me - like Tiffany, Stephanie, that kind of names. But I think Natalia is a great, fresh alternative. I am considering Natalia with nn Natasha(that's actually not a name but a Russian nickname) BTW.

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    I think of Natalie as classic, not dated. I haven't met many people by that name, so maybe that's why.

    Tallie is sweet, but like the others on here, I'm not keen on Natty. You could also use Talia/Talya or Tasha, as someone suggested.
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    I like Natalie a lot! And Tallie is just adorable.
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