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  • Amelia

    6 10.53%
  • Clara

    29 50.88%
  • Claudia

    7 12.28%
  • Imogen

    11 19.30%
  • Marlow

    2 3.51%
  • Mischa

    2 3.51%
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    Name combination help! Please :)

    We nearly have a final list together (thanks to all of your help!) but we're struggling a little with what combinations we like best. Please tell us which one you like of each and then your overall favourite And suggestions are always welcome. Thanks so much! x

    Amelia nn. Milly or Lia
    - Ann, Charlotte, Juliet, Madeline or Madeleine

    - Annabel, Eleanor, Imogen, Jane, Juliet, Madeline or Madeleine

    - Kay, Rose or Isla-Claire.

    - Bailey-Rose, Lola or Isla-Claire.

    Marlow nn. Lola
    - Amelia, Eleanor, Keira or Isla-Claire.

    - Amelia, Bailey, Bronte, Cosette, Rose or Sophia-Claire.

    The hyphens won't be there, I just put them there so people would know those names were paired as a double middle name. Sorry, forgot to explain! And if you don't like any of the options, please suggest something else. Would love to know what you guys think. Thank you

    Best Wishes x
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    Thank you
    I kind of want to find a different middle name for Marlow incase we have more children and decide to use Amelia but at the same time I love the two paired together. So if anyone has any other suggestions, please throw them at us

    Thanks again x

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    1. Clara Madeleine
    2. Imogen Isla Claire
    3. Amelia Charlotte/Madeline
    4. Claudia Rose
    5. Marlow Amelia
    6. Mischa Rose

    I like all of your names, but Marlow is nms and I prefer Mischa on a boy.
    After two years of trying and one miscarriage,
    Due July 2017 with #1!

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    Thanks for your input I'm still yet to come across a male named Mischa so for me, it is a very feminine name but do understand it is a derivative of Michael. Thanks again x

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