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    Yeah the blind thing is unfortunate!
    What about Anouk?
    I LOVE Anouk on it's own, or as a nn for Anoushka.

    I pronounce it AH-Nook, same intonation as Anna.

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    My favourite two-syllable-ends in a's are:

    Mara, Zara
    Leah, Lena, Luna, Lita
    Zia, Zelda
    Ida, Ada
    Eartha (I admire Eartha Kitt a lot)
    Raina/Reina - Raina's meaning has nothing to do with actual rain (ties to either Regina 'queen' or Katerina, 'pure') but it sounds like it.

    Water reference two-syllable ends in a: Talia ("dew from heaven") Ria (river, river valley).

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    Anouk is cute, but not for me. I'd love to see it on someone elses baby. I like Talia but I don't find it special enough - I want something very fresh, innovative, and thoughtful. I have considered Thalia (pronounced Thay - l -'s the name of a beach I used to hang out at as a teenager. I also really like Gemma but I have a friend who used that name. All my boys have very original names that have never been on SSA lists, even the long lists where they count names that at least 5 people were given in a year (as far as I know). I have never seen any of their names discussed on Nameberry, either. I have set the bar very high for myself!!!! Any other ideas?

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    What about Tallulah nn lula (it means leaping water!)

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    I also have a friend called Osha which is pretty and very unique... I think it means 'bear' but it's sound always makes me think of the ocean! It could also be short for Oceana/Oceane

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