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    2 Syllable Names/Nicknames That End in -A

    I love names and/or nicknames that have a two syllable nickname for that end in -a, or the the -a sound (the ending sounds good with my last name). I used to love the name Isla for a girl but it is out due to popularity and my neighbor choosing it for her baby. I do not see myself choosing a name that more that one person I know has and that person really has to be someone I don't know, just maybe heard about on Nameberry or in a birth announcement far away from where I live (California). Does anyone have any name suggestions that fit this description? I am open to longer names with nickname potential or just a regular 2-syllable name but it must end in the -a sound. The names cannot be yookik or made up. I love place names, too and a water reference in a major bonus!!! Here is a short list of names I have considered in the past:

    Finnola/Finella - (Nola/Nella)
    Amoret - (Ama)
    Ayelet - (Ayla)

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
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    I like

    Mina on it's own or as a nn for Jasmine/Jessamine/ Wilhelmina
    Mila for Ludmila

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    I love the look of Saskia! How do you pronounce it?

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    I say

    Also I love Silke which I say SIL-kuh

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    Silke is cool - I do not love the meaning but it is totally my name style. If I didn't know what it meant I would be curious to find out more about it.

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