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    Penelope- Penelope is such a cute name. Every time I hear the name it seems to just radiate happiness. I may be the only person who thinks the nn Penny is adorable!
    Eliora- This is such a beautiful name IMO. Whenever I say the name out loud I can't help but want to repeat it.
    Agatha- This one is on my list even though the general consensus on here (that I got) is that it's too "old lady". I think it's adorable, sweet, and spunky. Plus how adorable is the nn Aggie!
    Claire - A really sweet name. I wouldn't personally use it because it's my to be SIL name.
    Brigid- If you're in the US, I think this will just be mistaken for Bridget, and the pronunciation would be butchered.
    Luella- I'm not sure why, but I'm just not a fan.
    Lucia- I much prefer the simplicity of Lucy.
    Edith "Edie"- see Agatha.

    I really like Agnes Emilia Kate!
    Out of your recent crushes I think Claire, Eliora, Lucia and Penelope would fit best with your favorites in your signature.

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    Penelope is awesome! So is Pippa. If popularity is a prolem... I expect this to go into the top 100 within five years.
    Eliora is fine. Not my style.
    Agatha is cool. I also like Agnes. There what nameberry calls cool but clunky.
    Brigid is sweet. Its one of those names you have to clarify the first couple times people meet her, but I think most people would catch on fast.
    Luella also makes me think of an old Southern lady. The Mitford series by Jan Karon.
    Lucia also on my favorite list. Could get popular.
    Edith seems old lady, but is coming back!

    Agnes Emilia I love without Kate. I am not always a fan two middle names anyway. Kate for me is a nickname.

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    I love Eliora!!! I really don't like the rest I hate Claire... It bugs me so much

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    I love Penelope. We very nearly used it as a first name for our 4th daughter. I didn't work that well with our last name.

    Is Brigid pronounced the same way as Bridget? I love Bridget, but I think the Brigid spelling would get mispronounced in the US. That would be my only concern with this name. Bridget is one of my favorite names at the moment, but I'm not sure about Brigid. I guess we have opposite tastes when it comes to these two names.

    I think Lucia and Edith are both very sweet. Lucia has some good nickname potential - Lucy, Lulu. I like the nickname Eddie with Edith.

    Agatha is a name that has been growing on me. I was surprised when my husband suggested this as a name for one of our daughters since he usually does not care for "old lady names" and I think this one qualifies. I really like old-fashioned names. It has a great association with Agatha Christie. I also like the nickname, Aggie, for this one.

    I'm not crazy about Eliora or Luella. Too frilly for my taste.

    I love Claire. Streamlined, understatedly feminine. I think it's beautiful.

    I think Agnes Emilia Kate is a pretty combination. I'm not crazy about Agnes but I think these three names work well together.

    I really like your list!

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    I like Eliora, Claire, Bridget and Lucia.

    I really have no favour for Penelope, Agatha or Agnes.

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