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Thread: Clyde

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    I love the name Clyde, but I can't find a nice middle name for it, any suggestions? Also WDYT of it?

    Problem is I like Bonnie as a name too. What would you think if you saw siblings named Clyde and Bonnie?

    I guess if people use Jesse James, and the works, but I don't think I could do that.
    Could if I had to [not that I'd use both] maybe use Bonnie as a middle name for a girl, and Clyde as first name for a boy? ...WDYT?
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    Oh wow, I would never expect to see a little Clyde! But that makes it cool. Here are some middle name suggestions. I'm thinking of very old, dusty names because that's the vibe I get from Clyde:
    Clyde Rupert
    Clyde Philip
    Clyde Horace
    Clyde Eugene
    Clyde Myron
    Clyde Abbott
    Clyde Otis
    Clyde Reuben

    I don't think it would be a problem to use both Bonnie and Clyde IF one were a middle name. I think if both were first names, it would inevitably attract the type of attention you probably don't want your name choices to get.

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    I like Clyde (prefer Clive)!

    Clyde Oliver
    Clyde August
    Clyde Darwin
    Clyde Franklin
    Clyde Ferdinand

    I don't think Bonnie and Clyde would make a good sibset.
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    I really like Clyde! My husband wouldn't go for it, but I think it is cool and cute.

    I think siblings Bonnie and Clyde would be a little much, though it could be sweet and a little more subtle if those were their middle names, as a way to match them. A brother and a sister, partners in crime.

    Some combo ideas:
    Clyde Bishop
    Clyde Jasper
    Clyde Julian
    Clyde Samson
    Clyde Elliot
    Clyde James
    Clyde Bennett

    Most combos I thought of worked better with Clyde in the middle spot.
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