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  • Margo Grace

    16 35.56%
  • Margo Paige

    16 35.56%
  • Margo Esther

    12 26.67%
  • Margo Emmalee

    1 2.22%
  • Margo Jeanette

    12 26.67%
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    Oh good, I'm glad you liked Estelle!
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    Why isn't Jeanette getting much love from the nameberries? I think it is a lovely name and perfect with Margo!

    Margo Patricia I think Patricia is one of the most glamorous 'old' names and although Pat is an unfortunate nn in the middle spot it won't matter.


    Margo Joanna/Johannah
    Margo Elysia
    Margo Antoinette
    Margo Sybilla/Sibylla/Sibyl
    Margo Yolande
    Margo Ysabella/Isabella
    Margo Carolina
    Margo Jacinta
    Margo Pearl
    Margo Candace
    Margo Genevieve


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    what about Margo Imogen? it flows alot better, and indirectly honors "jenny"
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    How about Margo Evelyn?

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    Margo Esther is lovely.
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