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    Model names-2 - original post, now thinking further.
    All the girls work for a lingerie/swimsuit brand like Victoria Secret, come from different countries, age 17-20(some are older and already famous). The telling will include quotations/pieces from their diares/blogs, so I need that loads of charcters.
    I now have a list of(* means the model is already well-known and needs absolutely stunning name)
    Leighton Perry/other last name *
    Isla Beckett
    Neva Moretti/other last name
    Amanika [needs Swahili last name] (Kenyan)*
    Yana/Dana Ostrovskaja (Russian)
    Sofia/Larissa "Lara"/Angelina "Gelya" Levina(Russian)
    Bianca/Beatrice/Viviana/Giorgia Salvatore/Di Lorenzo/(Italian)*
    Talis/Tahlia Silversmith(American)
    Alexis Livingston/Tyler/Whitley(American)
    Luna Hernandez/Alvarez (Mexican/South American)
    Eleanora Weigel/ other last name(German)
    Bronwen/Gwendolen/Arianwen "Rhi" Swancott/Rheese(Welsh)
    Beatrissa/Teodora/Janina Adamski(Polish)*
    Schuyler/Beatrix Jenssen/Linden(Dutch)*
    Carmela/Aviela/Noa Jordan(Israeli)
    WDYT? Do they sound good and enough for models or should I keep searching for more unique ones?(well, I think they are people too..And may have some common names). Any advice would be great, sorry I am so long.
    P.S. Please excuse my bad English

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