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    Persephone for my MC?

    I have found what seems to be the perfect name for my MC- Persephone nn Finn. But just one problem: I'm wondering how such an established Greek mythology name will work in a fantasy that takes place in a different land in a plot that isn't a retelling of the Greek myth.
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    It really depends on the plot, and what makes Persephone so perfect if it has nothing to do with the myth. Could you explain a little more why it's so perfect?

    With nickname Finn it would seem less of a problem, but Persephone is the kind of name I personally would avoid using when writing something, unless it's because of the Greek myth. If I picked up a book where the MC was called Persephone, I would be constantly looking for links to the myth. And I would find it a little strange if there were none, or if the ones I could find (probably only because I was really looking) were incomplete or lacking in some way, which they will be if they're not intentional. Worst case scenario would be readers being too preoccupied with the name and it's history to really appreciate the story. I suspect the choice of Persephone would not do you any favours.
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