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    I come from a big family, so I would love 4-5 (6 max) children. Three boys and one or two girls:

    (in no desired birth order)

    B: Asher Graham
    B: Holden Elias
    B: Everett Darrin
    G: Fiona Elizabeth
    G: Harper Victoria

    And just for safe measure: Zoe Aurora and/or Rowan Jude

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob=kate View Post
    Anyone want none?
    I'm leaning towards none- but time will tell. If I get married and it all works out, who knows? First son and first daughter would deffinetly be Dorothea Juliet and Frederick Archer. Another daughter would be Sybil, and another son Darwin.

    Top Girls: Under Construction

    Top Boys: Under Construction

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    I would ideally like three:

    Viola Sophie
    Alfred James
    Esther Paulina

    If we had four he/she would be Konrad William or Freya Jane
    Current faves:

    Elinor Jane, Alma Rose, Lily Margaret, Viola Edith, Esther Paulina

    Conrad James, Walter Edward, Arthur Frederick, Hugo William, Sylvester Henry

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    I would like at least 5 with maybe 1 or 2 more(if my hubby will agree). Currently we have 3.(1 girl and 2 boys) if I have to stop at 5 than 2 more girls.
    Lily Elizabeth
    Chase Steven
    Zack Francis

    (I will do my top 5 to be safe)
    1)Isla Josephine
    2)Esme Reau
    3)Campbell Alexandria
    4)Chloe Shayna
    5)Stella/Finola Makay

    1)Knox Daniel
    2)Luke Kenneth/Kennedy
    3)Hudson Dean
    4)Maddox Ford
    5)Finn Robert
    Lily Elizabeth/Chase Steven/Zack Francis/Drew Daniel

    Girls: Isla~Kendall~Maeve~Henley~Harlow~Neva~Reau~Sloane~ Bristol~

    Boys: Knox~Gavin~Finn~Hayes~Theo~Miles~Kai~Sawyer~Bodhi~

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    Ideally, I'd love a larger family, I think, though I'm far too young to be thinking seriously on this. Maybe 5 kids? And again, ideally, 3 boys and 2 girls:
    Lucas Michael
    Elizabeth Jayne
    Imogen Clara
    Tobias Jude
    Benjamin Oscar

    But realistically... It's much more likely I'll only have one or two kids. So it'd just be Lucas Michael and Elizabeth Jayne.

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