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    Jan 2013
    I'd like to have 3 or 4, although I don't think it's likely unless multiples are in our future. Assuming two of each (and that my husband acquiesces to my choices!), I'd go with:

    Estella Emmanuelle
    Beatrice Helena
    Paul Ghislain
    Wesley Alexander
    Miriam ~ Tabitha ~ Estella ~ Beatrice ~ Anastasia ~ Veronica ~ Sarah ~ Esther
    Paul ~ Wesley ~ Walter ~ Edmund ~ Isaac ~ Abram ~ Gabriel

    Top combos: Miriam Estelle / Paul Augustin

    (Still) trying for baby#1
    Avatar: Nathan Altman, Portrait of Anna Akhmatova

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    Nov 2011
    blade, I LOVE your names.

    Ideally and realistically, I want two no matter the sex.
    (Henry and Joseph, Henry and Eleanor, Eleanor and Alice).

    But I've also always loved the idea of four children like in The Chronicles of Narnia or The Boxcar Children.
    (Henry, Eleanor, Joseph, and Alice).
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    We'd like four kids, ideally two of each:

    Gavin Archer
    Juniper Elle
    Coralie Jane
    Breccan River

    ...and if there's a surpsise- Wilder Scout

    Most likely will actually only use one or two of these names, as they are just my choices/haven't discussed them with my husband
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    I actually don't want children. I suppose I'll just have to become a crazy cat lady with excellently named cats.

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    I would love four, two girls and two boys. They would be Stella Jane, Felix Joseph, Carina Noelle, and Nolan Shepherd. I also love Sophie Colleen.

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