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    I want three children. Twins, a boy and a girl, and then adopt little boy. If I had my way they would be Isaiah James "Issy" or "Saiah", Rebekah Leigh "Bec" and if I got to name him, Gideon Caine "Eon", otherwise his name will be whatever his original name is.
    SO wants four children, two boys and then to adopt a sibling group of two girls or two boys and then adopt a boy/girl sibling group. He wants boy/boy twins (without my input): Dante and Virgil; and then Lilith Summer and Eve (no decided middle name). Or if there are three boys, Dante, Marcus and Claymore and then Lilith.

    Our compromised list is: Isaac Dante, Marcus Wilhelm, and we can't decide on a third boy's name, Lilith Summer, Milena Snow and Eve/Eva.
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    Anyone want none?
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    My 'ideal sibset' changes regularly, and I don't have any exact number in mind. But I'm certain, even if they aren't biologically my own, at some point in my life, I will have a child and they will be an awesome person. One of the main reasons I love names is that I have something I'm 'working towards' haha.

    Right now I like the idea of...

    Emmett Nichol Wolf
    Winston Jack Atticus
    Agnes Eilidh Rose
    Tallulah Iris Margaret

    Emmett, Win, Aggie and Lu.
    much love & I are waiting for you....
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    I want two. Antoine Raphael & sibling; slightly (slightly) leaning towards wishing for a daughter to round out the parenting experience. Cyprian Laurence / Rosamond Chrysanthe? Dunno.
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