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    I think my husband and I will have three. Two seems too small...and while I like the idea of two boys and two girls, four seems like so many! I am the youngest of four but if we had a fourth it would be by accident, I think. I think if I could choose, I would have a boy and then two girls. Or GBG. If we got a surprise, I would want it to be BGBG or BGGB.

    Rupert Xavier Gareth or Rupert Theodore Gareth nn Rupe, Rex or Rett?
    Lyra Daphne Rose (but I'm open to suggestions on the middle name...I don't like that the first two initials are "LD" because that means Learning Disability where we are from)
    Prudence Illyria Ann nn Prue or Philippa Cecily Ruth nn Flip or Pippa

    and the surprise Arthur Sullivan Thomas :-)

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    I want 2 to 4 kids, but if I have 4 (2 girls, 2 boys) their names would be:
    Girl 1: Pandora Phaedra Isabella-Donna (Panda)
    Girl 2: Azalea Endora Nyla Enfys (En-vis)
    Boy 1: Caspian Xanthias Dorian Edmund
    Boy 2: Phoenix Sylas Kai Fabian
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    Horatio Phoenix Arthur • Nikolai Emrys Altair • Prosper William Kit • Indigo • August • Cedrick
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    I want 5-7 children. I don't care the order or how many of each I have.

    Top choices for Boys:
    Jacob Asher
    Aaron Alexander (Not sure about this middle name but I got time to figure it out. :P)
    William Andrew n.n. Liam
    Elias Joel n.n Eli

    Top choices for Girls:
    Saraia Joy n.n. Aia
    Eliava Grace n.n. Ellie
    Aviya Hope n.n. Avi
    Zohara Eve n.n. Zoey
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    Philomena ~ Avalina ~ Korenna ~ Elora


    Jacob Asher ~ Aaron Alexander ~ Elias Joel ~ William Pierce ~ Kallum Ryan

    Avishai ~ Emmett ~ Raphael ~ Tobias

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    I'd like to have 3-4 children

    Xanthe Cordelia
    Elliott Reid
    Alexander Henry & Romilly (Romy) Faith
    TTC #1

    Elodie • Xanthe • Mira • Aurora • Stella • Genevieve

    Stellan • Rory • Tristan • Sascha • Ciaran • Adrian

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