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    Ah fellow Lily lovers... Thank you!
    (It's just there are ha!)

    I haven't thought of doing a double name because they don't translate very well in French and often lose their "softness"...
    For instance I think Lilian or Lily-Anne sound nice in English, but I don't love them in French.

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    I have only taught 1 Lily. Just be aware that there are multiple spellings out there though.
    My friend taught a Lili-May

    I have often thought the name Amelie could be nn Lily if you want a French flavour.
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    I think if you love Lily and its so meaningful to you, you should use it!
    If popularity concerns you then maybe Lilou, Lilia, Lilybeth, Liliana nn Lily would be nice and a bit more distinctive...
    I'm actually a big Tiger-Lily fan but I'm aware that some people think its a bit TOO whimsical or out there and I've no idea how that translates in French!
    I also like Lily-Rose (my favourite double Lily name but perhaps the Lily-Rose Depp connection is too much especially in France!),
    I like Lily-Mae, Lily-Sue (cute way to honour mum and grandma!) or Susannah if you want to honour your mother and grandma that way... You could still call her Lily as a nn....

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    Thanks fluzie

    Argh the popularity and language concerns are such a pain...
    Lily-Rose Depp, indeed!
    I love the name Rose. I adore Rosalind and Rosamond ( literary, medieval...) but the French prn is tricky!

    Even Lily, in French, is not as soft or "dignified" imo...

    So frustrating!

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    It works both ways... I adore Delphine (with a French accent! Alas I live in Australia where they completely butcher the pronunciation to the point that it sounds hideous

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