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    I don't find it to ethnically specific. When I first saw it I thought it was maybe Persian or Indian. I really like it.
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    I like it. I think it's okay for your son to have an ethnically specific name - you could always make the middle something more neutral.

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    I love Kamal! I think Kam would be such a cool nickname. I'm actually Arab, so we only considered Arabic names for our kids. When I suggested Kamal, my husband had the same concern you've brought up about it being stereotyped as a name chosen by Black Muslims. What do you think of Kamil (pronounced Kuh-meel like French Camille) I prefer the spelling Kameel. It's from the same root as Kamal, same meaning, so it's related, but without the same associations. I love it! What a great story behind your name choice, by the way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    I don't think "black guy" as much as Arab. I don't know anything about the background of the name, that's just my first instinct with it. It's sort of an interesting mix of Jamal and Kumar.
    I also agree with essjay that it sounds a bit like camel, which could be weird.

    Personally, I could get behind Kamala as a girls name--still honoring, but there's more flexibility with girls names and Kami is a cute nn.
    This exactly! I LOVE your suggestion of Kamala, too!!
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    It's a lovely name, and certainly specifically ethnic.
    If that's the feel you're going for, then you've got a great choice right there!

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