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    Love Genevieve - one of my favourites! But Agatha is quite an old and ugly name for me - just my opinion...

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    Genevieve doesn't seem vintage to me. Especially next to Agatha. I also detest Agatha immensely.

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    I kinda like Agatha...though not as much as Agnes, as a true GP old-lady name.

    But I do feel like little Agatha is going to feel a bit sore to have a sister with a classically beautiful name like Genevieve...It feels even more clunky and awkward next to Genevieve. I think the appeal of Agatha is on the much more hipster/funky/quirky side these days, while Genevieve has a more french, Guinevere-related sound...images of romance and knights and princesses.

    And, while I don't hate Agatha, I do hate the nn Aggie, personally. It makes me think of the nn for a sports team or university, though I can't think of which?

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    I like it! Agatha makes me think of Agatha Christie and fabulous, elegant 1920s fashion. Nn Gatsby is such a brilliant suggestion for a little girl and it chimes with my vision of art-deco Agatha. Hattie is also a lovely nickname. Genevieve is lovely- i've always loved nn Viva for this. Gatsby and Viva would be incredible!
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    I like them both, but I think they clash. Genevieve is conventionally beautiful. It's a frilly, princess-y kind of name. Agatha is much heavier and some people are really put off by it.

    My favorite nickname for Genevieve is Ginny. I think it brings down the fancy-ness of the name to suit a little girl. The only nickname I can think of for Agatha is Aggie, which is still kind of clunky.

    Like I said, I personally appreciate both names, but I wouldn't use them together. One girl would grow up getting showered in compliments on her name and the other would get "that's interesting" or "I have a great-aunt with that name". It doesn't seem fair.

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