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    I never understood the appeal of Agatha. To me, it looks and sounds ugly and not youthful at all.

    I do like Genevieve with the nicknames Evie, Vivi, and Ginny.

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    I love love love this sib set! I like Genevieve and Aggie or, maybe if this nickname isnt 'too out there' for Genevieve, Neve? I kind of like it, just popped into my mind, maybe others will think of something else... I also think Evie is nice

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    I adore this sib set! Both are beautiful vintage names and together they sound just right. I like the nickname Jennie for Genevieve (I know, the obvious choice). Hmm, I don't really like Aggie for Agatha, but I wouldn't use a nickname for Agatha, it's a perfect name.
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    I love this combination. Agatha is my top pick right now as well. I really don't care for Aggie as a nickname though. I've heard suggestions of Hattie, Gatsby, Gatta. If this ends up being our daughter's name we would use it in full. I like Viv as a nickname for Genevieve. Shortening a beautiful name like Genevieve to Jenny would be unfortunate. They are both gorgeous in full.

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    Hattie and Gatzby rock!!!

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