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  • Collin

    28 39.44%
  • Brendan

    18 25.35%
  • Ryan

    10 14.08%
  • Eli

    28 39.44%
  • Peyton

    9 12.68%
  • Jacob

    21 29.58%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Which of these do you like best?

    Please help. Our baby will be here in less than two weeks and my husband and I can't decide on a name. Baby will be joining big sister Mia.

    The names I like are:

    My husband likes:

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    Sorry to be of not much help but my two favourites, and the ones I voted for, are Brendan and Peyton. If the middle name isn't already picked out you could pick one off your list and one off his to make a combo: Brendan Eli, Jacob Brendan etc
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    I like Mia and Peyton or Mia and Collin.

    You could have Collin Jacob or Peyton, er uhm....

    Just as an aside, is he a football fan by any chance? I just thought of Payton Eli then, "ding" went a little bell in my head.

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    None of them are really my style, but Collin is by far the best.
    My least favorites are Peyton, Eli, Jacob and Ryan.
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    Eli by a landslide.

    I'm not particularly fond of any of the others.
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