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    Love your style, lucky son & daughter! I really like Theodore and think it would be perfect with Jemima. I can't improve on that! Sebastian is nice too. Am not very good at suggestions, but given our taste is similar you might also consider Felix (I like this more and more with Jemima, the more I think about it), Oscar, Edmund, Caspar, Orlando or Wilbur. If you're brave, Zebedee. Less to my taste but still pairing nicely are Zachary and Archie. Would love to know what you decide on. Good luck!
    Isolde - Eluned - Freya - Anouk - Tabitha
    Caspar - Edmund - Ebbe - Fred - Oskar

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    I think of:

    Gregor Sebastian
    Arthur Sebastian
    Barnaby Theodore

    I also love Theodore nn Teddy, and think it sounds great with Jemima.

    How about: Felix, Casper, Milo, Miles, Edgar, Vincent, Hugo & Peter.

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