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    Narrowing Down Our Girls List...

    Hey berries!

    SO and I are trying to revamp our list by narrowing down our choices (which are very... eclectic). While we love these names, we thought it would be refreshing to get some outside opinion.

    I figured the easiest way to do this would be to pick a top 5- 10 favorites and 5-10 least favorites. This way we can keep track of certain names that reoccur on one list or the other. If you would like to give an explanation on your choices that would be really amazing!

    Any input would be very appreciated.

    (P.S. We're not expecting)

    Adelaide, Agatha, Alessandra, Alice, Arden, Aurelia
    Carys, Catherine, Ceridwen, Clara, Clementine
    Edith "Edie", Eliora, Elowen, Emilia, Emmeline, Esther, Eulalie, Evangeline
    Genevieve, Gwen
    Imogen, Iris, Isobel
    Jane, Jessamine, Josephine, Juniper
    Lavinia, Livia, Louisa, Lucy, Lydia
    Madeleine, Maeve, Magnolia, Marian, Miranda
    Naomi, Niamh, Nina
    Odette, Olive, Opal, Ophelia
    Penelope, Petra, Phoebe
    Rosalind, Rosamund, Rose
    Sarah, Seraphina, Susanna
    Vesper, Violet
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