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    Smile Deciding between Camille, Catherine, Greta; any suggestions appreciated.

    Hi all,

    I have a 2 yr old little lady named Caroline and she is about to get a new baby sister. We are struggling to choose a name for our wee one.

    So far, we like these first names (proposed middle names)

    Camille (Grace)
    Catherine (Claire) are there too many Cate's and Catie's on the planet?
    Greta (Mae, Grace) does it pretty or harsh?
    Charlotte (Grace) Almost too popular now.
    Ivy (Claire, Grace) I think my family would hate this name. Thoughts?

    Grace is pretty much set for the middle name as it is my husband's grandmother's name.

    I would really appreciate thoughts and suggestions, even ones not on our list. Thanks!

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    I like Greta, but not with Grace as a middle name. I do like Ivy Grace though

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    Ivy Grace would be cute! Not sure why the family would hate it, it's a lovely name. Otherwise, the only name on your list that I don't "feel" is Greta. Marguerite nn Greta maybe?

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Ivy Grace! I don't particularly love the alliteration of Camille, Catherine, or Charlotte (although otherwise, I adore Catherine and Charlotte!), but I wouldn't go for Charlotte anyway, since both Caroline and Charlotte are both feminine forms of Charles/Carl. Caroline and Greta is nice, but feels slightly mismatched. Caroline and Ivy, though, is utter perfection! I love it. It honestly seems the least likely out of all your options, but I really think it's the best one, it's lovely.

    Good luck!
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    I think Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte & Camille sound more sophisticated thus they go together well. Greta on the other hand sounds more spunky. I really like all of these names though.

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