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    I've done ten favorite and only five least favorite, as although I don't like all the names, there were only five that I really don't like.

    Ten favorite


    Five least favorite


    NB: I really struggled to get it down to ten favorite names!
    ⋆ Margaret Mary ⋆

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    Overall, these are fantastic names! I picked 11 favorites on accident, and I can't think of one to eliminate...I can see why you are having trouble narrowing it down! Here are my lists:

    Alice- lovely and classic; a little black dress name
    Beatrice- love the meaning ("she who brings happiness") and potential for cute nn "Bea"
    Carys- sounds soft and romantic
    Clara- so sweet and timeless
    Emmeline- I've always loved Emma and Emily, but they are so popular. Emmeline is a gorgeous alternative.
    Fiona- such a happy and spunky name
    Josephine- one of my favorites! Reminds me of the book Little Women
    Louisa- so underused, but so beautiful
    Rosalind- love the way it sounds and the Shakespearean connection; my favorite variation of Rose
    Rose- but you can't go wrong with simple Rose either!
    Thalia- very pretty

    Least Favorites:
    Agatha- a clunky, old lady name that would be hard for a little girl to wear, IMO
    Gweneirya- I much prefer Gwendolen or Gwyneth
    Honora- not a fan of this virtue name
    Sybil- don't like the way it sounds, not very feminine
    Iona- I just hear "I own a"

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    Adelaide - Classic. Can't really go wrong.
    Aurelia - I've loved this for a long time. It has such a gorgeous flow.
    Ava - Popular, but still beautiful
    Carys - I would probably prefer this as a middle name. Not sure it could carry as a first name on it's own, but I love it.
    Ceridwen - Unique, but not crazy
    Eleanor - Classic. Again, can't go wrong. Lots of great nicknames as well.
    Elowen - Another one I think would be better as a middle, but one of my favorites
    Emmeline - Another classic one with great nicknames
    Gemma - Such a pretty name
    Genevieve - It's quite a mouthful, but I just think it's so beautiful.
    Grace - Goes with so many other names.
    Imogen - Another unique, but not crazy one.
    Isobel - Nice variation of the traditional, popular spelling
    Lucy - Cute, classic.
    Maeve - It's such a soft sounding name.
    Naomi - A more recent favorite of mine after not liking it for the longest time. I think it's so sweet now.
    Thalia - Pretty. I imagine a very cute little one with this name
    Willow - Earthy, not as common as others.

    Least Favorites:

    Agatha - I just find it very clunky, and has such an old lady connotation to it.
    Clara - I just can't get past thinking it's the name of a cow
    Clementine - I've never liked this name for some reason. I'm not sure why, it's just never sounded nice to me.
    Daphne - Also never been a fan of this. I think it sounds a little stuck up.
    Fiona - Bad connotations with this name for me. Don't like the sound.
    Una - This sounds more like a noise, not a name.
    Yvonne - I associate this with like...upper class, private school kids. Not a fan.
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