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    You have a great list!

    I don't think I can just do a top ten. Heh. My favorites:
    Adelaide -- Rich, vintage sound. Nice song association from Guys and Dolls is an added bonus.
    Arden -- Beautiful, unique and lovely literary association.
    Carys -- Lovely meaning. A name that will stand out from the crowd.
    Clara -- Simple and sweet. I picture a smart, studious, and compassionate girl.
    Eliora -- Sounds familiar, but is rare. Very beautiful.
    Elowen -- Poetic and magical, but still seems wearable.
    Esther -- Stately and sweet.
    Fiona -- Elegant and spunky at the same time.
    Hazel -- This has to be one of the sweetest names out there! The "z" gives it just the right amount of spunk. Love it!
    Jane -- Despite its plainness, this is an elegant, rarely used name with great history.
    Jessamine -- This name sports a unique combination of familiar sounds and is also a beautiful flower. What could be better than that?
    Juniper -- This name is really fresh and fun
    Livia -- A fun take on the very popular Olivia
    Lydia -- Very melodic and grounded
    Naomi -- Beautiful!
    Pearl -- Sweet, simple and vintage.
    Ruby -- Rich, cheerful sound.
    Willow -- Simple and beautiful. I love nature names!

    Agatha -- Too stuffy and old-ladyish
    Ceridwen -- Lovely, unique meaning, but I think it only works as a middle name because it is clunky.
    Gwyneira/Gwynora -- Too medieval
    Iona -- Just reminds me of ions and iota
    Niamh -- Prone to mispronunciation
    Sakurah -- Sounds too clunky
    Sybil -- See above

    I hope that helps!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Beatrice - Beautiful, literary, classy, timeless.
    Clemence, Clementine - Love both.
    Edith "Edie" - Love!
    Genevieve - Great history and great name, lots of nn potential.
    Iris - like
    Olive - like
    Penelope - Love
    Rosalind - Love
    Violet - Like

    Least Favourites:

    Arden - sounds very trendy.
    Gemma - Dated & lacks substance, much prefer Genevieve.
    Jocelyn - Trendy.
    Lavinia - Makes me think of toilets, Lavatory?
    Sakura - Sack?
    Thea, Thera - Lacks substance, Theodora maybe?
    Una - Never appealed to me.
    Yvaine, Yvonne - Massively dislike them both.

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    My 10 favorites- this was HARD!
    Adara- unique without being weird or yooneek
    Amy- simple and sweet. One of my closest friends is an Amy and just met the most precious little girl named Amy. I love it
    Aria- seems exotic and mysterious to me. That's a good combo
    Beatrice- beautiful meaning, classic, timeless, great choice
    Catherine- classic and beautiful also timeless. Catherine can be 90 or 9. It's a beautiful name.
    Elinor- a favorite of mine
    Miranda- beautiful meaning and Shakespeare.
    Naomi- if you see the signature, I prefer Noemi, but it's all the same in the end. Love love love love.
    Nina- simple, sweet and very international. Can go almost anywhere and say your name is Nina and she'll be understood.
    Seraphina- new love of mine

    Least favorite-
    Antoinette- let them eat cake?
    Clementine- the song kills it
    Elula/ Eulalie- these get all jumbled up when I try to say them. I just don't like the "eul / elu" combination
    Gwyneira- I think she would spend her whole life explaining her name.
    Hermione- it's too bad, but Harry Potter killed this for use IRL, at least for now.
    Niamh- If you love it, go with a phonetic spelling. The spelling is the only reason it's on the least favorite list.
    Penelope- meh.
    Una- "one is the loneliest number...." it's also the word for "a" or "an" in Spanish. To me, it's like naming a daughter a.
    Ruby- have never been a fan, but I see the appeal.
    Willow- see Ruby.
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    Favorite Ten:

    Agatha- I love the juxtaposition of "old lady" names on young girls, it makes it sound effortlessly chick. The nickname Aggie is adorable.
    Catherine- So classic and understated, although its a long name, it's always seemed minimalist and simple to me, which I love. The C- makes it even classier.
    Edith "Edie"- Same reason why I love Agatha. Also, Edie is so fantastic.
    Jane- Less is more. This name is so chic and can work on a variety of people.
    Lydia- This name sounds so exotic and worldly. Love it.
    Opal- This gives me the same feel as Agatha and Edith. Opals are said to be the stone of love, so I like the significance of your daughter being a product of you and your SO's love for each other.
    Rosamund- I can't believe this isn't in the top 1000, but it's worth using. It seems really elegant and feminine.

    Una- Too strange for my liking.
    Myla- Sounds kind of made up.
    Vesper- Sounds harsh and masculine.
    Odette- I've never really liked this name, but it sounds super Parisian, if that's what you're looking for!
    Gwyneth- I've always found this name to be quite masculine.

    Overall, you've got a great list!!
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    There were more 'likes' than'dislikes!', I really enjoy most of your names. The ones I listed as likes are my top favorites, If i didn't totally love it, I erased it. The dislike list are the ones that I just said "no way" as I read your list! Haha


    Arden (Another one I really like that sounds similar:Auden)
    Emilia (love this name and this is my favorite spelling of it as well!)
    Emmeline/Evangeline (Love, Love, LOVE)
    Lavinia/ Lydia (A special thanks to Downton Abbey for introducing me to Lavinia! It's beautiful!)
    Rosalind (Rosalie's cute too if you go with the 'rose' idea)


    Agatha/Eudora (just too dated for me, even reminds me of stereotypical witches or something)
    Aneira/Aniara (pronunciation is killing me, and the more I say them out loud the worse they end up sounding! An-ear-ah? Annie-are-ah?)
    Carys (this is getting popular. I work in childcare and I know 3 little Carys/Caris's! That's the only reason it's down here)
    Eira/Eliora/Elula/Eulalie (Again with the pronunciation! I really dislike the last 2, eh-loo-lah? you-lay-lee? Just not my cup of tea!)
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