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  • Cage Cruise

    2 2.06%
  • Cash Cruise

    2 2.06%
  • Cable Cruise

    2 2.06%
  • Calder Cruise

    12 12.37%
  • Callum Cruise

    61 62.89%
  • Carden Cruise

    6 6.19%
  • Caspian Cruise

    42 43.30%
  • Cooper Cruise

    15 15.46%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Name Baby C!

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    bluejuniper Guest
    Fantastic list dresdendoll! I'd never thought of Camelot before but I love it, especially with nickname Cam

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    Dec 2012
    From your list, I like Carden the best. What about Crispin?

    "Cash Cruise" sounds like a type of vacation. I'd avoid that.

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    I voted for Callum -- far and away the best option from this list. The short, word-type, "cool" names are just too much for me with Cruise. And I agree with pp that Caspian Cruise sounds like a vacation not a baby. If Casper were on the list, however, that would have been a contender with Callum. Casper Cruise sounds wonderful and gets you the "cool" nn Caz if you want it, which it seems like you might based on your list.

    Cage -- #10 (just too short for a full name with Cruise)
    Cash -- #10 (doesn't work with Cruise)
    Cable -- #10 (really terrible, sorry)
    Calder -- #2
    Callum -- #1
    Carden -- #4 (don't like it quite enough to be #3)
    Caspian -- #4 (ditto)
    Cooper -- #4 (ditto

    While making my number list, I realized that Carden Cruise sort of sounds like someone talking about their vacation saying "Car, then Cruise." Camden would be a much better option if you like that sound.

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    Callum Cruise is my favorite. I really like it. The others sound off to me. Cage Cruise, Cash Cruise, and Cable Cruise sound like bad jokes.

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    Cash Cruise sounds like a spin off of the show Cash Cab, this is definitely a deal breaker for me.

    I voted for Callum. Personally, though, I think something like Camden or Cameron sound better - or even going with a non C name would be best.
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