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  • Dean Luciano Altomari

    12 63.16%
  • Deacon Antonio Altomari

    7 36.84%
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    My 2 favorite boy names

    I'm not due until November 8th, but I think we've gotten the boy name figured out, I hope -- unless my husband changes his mind.
    I have one son named Jesse Valentino.

    After scores and scores of boy name combinations I think our top two are:

    Dean Luciano - I love how this name looks on paper and sounds in my head. I really love the nickname Lucky. My son loves pretending to talk to Dean on the phone. It's very cute. The problem with this name is I don't really LOVE saying Dean. I love saying Dean Luciano, but not really Dean by itself. It just kind of stops short to me for some reason. I'm hoping I'll get over it. The other problem is there is no family association in this name at all. I do like that it's not popular. But I do think that Jesse & Dean sound amazing together.

    Deacon Antonio - Just recently fell in love with Deacon. I like saying it. Love the nickname Deke. Sounds like a cool-guy name to me. Antonio is my husband's father, so it's nice there's some meaning in the name. I think Jesse & Deacon go nicely together. I also love that it's not popular at all, but not strange.

    Do you have any thoughts on our top 2?

    Thanks Berries!

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    I love Dean Luciano. Dean is so beautiful in a simple way to me. I adore Jesse and Dean.
    I don't like Deacon. It sounds weird and looks weird. So I wouldn't hesitate to name the baby Dean.

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