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    I'm not sure how I managed to miss this thread earlier this spring, but I have been wondering about this name too. My husband heard it pronounced something like "rahn-yar" on a book on tape. I've noticed that pretty much all the Forvo pronunciations place the throaty "ngy" sound before the N though. Is our pronunciation just totally wrong, or is this the "singing" Norwegian pronunciation, or does anyone know?

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    It is the middle name of a friend of mine; he pronounces it the way it's spelled. His family has a distant viking history, and Ragnar is a family name.

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    I think DH has been watching some viking show with the main character called Ragnar - which they evidently say correctly in the show, as RAHG-nar.

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    Cool Correct pronunciation of Ragnar

    Listen to this:

    The g is silent, and pronounced nasally as in reign, cognac, champagne and lasagne.

    The "a" is pronounced [ə]

    (I speak Swedish and my father's name is Ragnar.)

    The female version is Ragna.

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