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    Needing some more help please berries!!

    So we've cut our list down a little but we need some help with middle name suggestions please! We have a list of first names we love and middle names (all family names) and then there is a list of names that we are considering using for a double middle name option.

    FN we love: Amelia, Misha, Elodie, Imogen, Lola, Clara, Isla, Claudia, Sophia, Charlotte, Eleanor, Daisy,

    Middle Names: Ann, Claire, Keira, Christine, Talia, Juliet, Justine, Irene, Julia or Juliana

    The other list:
    Colette, Cosette, Claudette, Rose, Bronte, Bailey, Lily, Olivia, Eloise, Madeleine/Madeline.

    (we struggle a little with boys, but there is an endless list of girl's names we like!)
    First Names: Charles (Charlie), Hayden, Keiran, Oliver, Oscar, Claude, Flynn, Jasper.

    Middle Names: James, Kirk, Thomas, Jeffrey, John, Trevor, Bailey, Julian, Hayden.

    Other list:
    Edward, Luca, William, Riley.

    Thanks so much! x

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    Thank you. Really love some of your suggestions

    Can't wait to hear some more. x

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    I was expecting to see Tiberious in your list of mns since you have James and Kirk!

    Here are my suggestions:
    Amelia Juliet Rose
    Amelia Ann
    Amelia Claire
    Elodie Ann (Bronte)
    Elodie Claire (Bronte)
    Elodie Christine
    Imogen Claire
    Imogen Julia Rose (ooo this is really pretty!)
    Imogen Juliet Rose
    Charlotte Juliana (Rose)
    Charlotte Julia (Rose)
    Charlotte Juliet (Rose)
    Eleanor Christine
    Eleanor Claire
    These sound best to me based on my favorite names from your list (chosen for their meaning &/or classic vibe) and flow together.

    Charles William Kirk
    Charles William John (Charles seems to need a longer mn to balance it. William is the only name in your list that fits the bill)
    Oliver James (Edward)
    Oliver Jeffrey
    Oliver Charles
    Charles Oliver
    James Thomas Kirk (but only if you are die hard Star Trek fans)

    Although I like many of the boy names in your lists, the flow seems a little off. I like long + short or vice versa combos. Good luck finding THE one
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    Current favourites: girls -Eliana [Bronwen, Joy, Claire, Irene], Leora [Irene, Bronwen, Bronwyn], Sarah Elise, Anna Charlotte, Adelaide, Phoebe, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Anastasia, Celeste, Astrid, Beatrix, Lucy
    boys: Callum, Arthur [Paul or William], Nathaniel, Samuel, Zachary, Elijah

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