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    Please help me pick a beautiful name for my daughter-thoughts on my choices

    Hello Everyone,

    Please help me narrow my list for my daughter. The names are blending together, and I can't think straight. I am going mad! What is your favorite name from my list? What flows best? My last name is Hart. Yes I know I am traditional. My son's name is William if this helps. Thanks!!!

    Claire Elizabeth Hart
    Claire Monet Hart
    Claire Madeline Hart
    Charlotte Eloise Hart
    Emma Elizabeth Hart
    Emma Sophia Hart
    Anna Catherine Hart
    Clara Sophia Hart
    Clara Julia Hart
    Sarah Elizabeth Hart
    Sarah Angela Hart
    Sarah Angela Hart

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    Lovely selection of choices you've assembled! Do you mind if I rearrange a few middles? My picks would fall in this order:

    1. Clara Madeline Hart or Clara Monet Hart. I think Clara matches William's traditional style, but stands out as an underused classic--can be strong and spunky or light and whimsical. However, I personally dislike first and middle names with the same ending (sounds redundant to me), so I wouldn't pick Sophia or Julia. I love the three middles you've got with Claire, though, and none of those end in -a. Of the three, I rather prefer Monet--it seems so bright and unexpected! But Clara Madeline would be a close second.
    2. Emma Elizabeth Hart. I love the simplicity and flow of this combination! Emma and William seems very well matched. I don't care for Emma Sophia in a row though, partially because of the double -a thing and partially because the high popularity of one name doesn't bother me, but two big hits would.
    3. Anna Catherine Hart or Anna Eloise Hart. Anna is right behind Emma for me. I almost had this higher than Emma, but that Emma Elizabeth combo was too dreamy. Anna and William are a lovely pair.
    4. Sarah Elizabeth Hart. I think this flows well, but I find Sarah awfully...dull. I feel like I have known so many Sarah/Saras and of so many ages that, while it's definitely a classic and never out of style, it feels too heavily used IMO. I also separate Sarah into the Biblical classics whereas William feels more British I don't think they're as evenly paired.
    5. Claire Elizabeth Hart or Claire Monet Hart. I love Claire, and I love it with William, but I find it quite abrupt and short with the last name Hart. While the longer middle helps, it won't be said most of the time. I much prefer Clara with Hart.
    6. Charlotte Hart--that "har" sound is too redundant for me. I'd scratch this in favor of one of your other great choices.

    So I would run with Clara or Emma (or Anna). They're fabulous!

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    From your list I like Claire Elizabeth, Anna Catherine, and Clara Julia.

    I would probably rearrange a few fn/mn. I like Clara Madeline, Anna Claire, Emma Elizabeth or Emma Claire
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Thank you so much for your feedback. A fresh perspective is what I needed!

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    Although I love the names Clare and Charlotte-- I agree with the above comments-- they don't work the best with your last name. Of the rest, I like Clara best-- traditional, but not as popular as the rest. I agree with ellenelle too, that Clara Madeline is a lovely combination. I would use that or maybe Clara Elizabeth-- but the 2 double -a ending names (i.e. Clara Sophia is a little hard to say). Clara Isabelle, Clara Rosemarie, Clara Genevieve, Clara Magdalene, Clara Josephine, etc. all work well.

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