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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Welcome to Nameberry! I love Mavis Claire. With such a vintage gem, I would choose something equally vintage.

    1 Oscar - Stylistically, Oscar is Mavis' natural sibling.
    2 Jonah - Mavis and Jonah sound wonderful together!
    3 Emmett - A modern sounding surname with a vintage charm that works with Mavis.

    I love Ronan but it seems a little too contemporary with your daughter's name. Elliott is ok but it's never been a favourite of mine (I may be in the minority here on Nameberry because the name gets a lot of love here). Marshall and Mavis are too matchy.
    I have to agree with the 1-2-3 listing here. Love all three of these with that adorable girl's name you chose!

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    Lovely names! I like all of them but Ronan is my favourite.

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