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Thread: Initials!

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    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    The Jensen-Perrault's

    DH: Warren Brantley Perrault
    DW: Anneliese Juliet Jensen

    DS: Mitchell Christopher Jensen-Perrault
    DS: Pierce Thomas Jensen-Perrault
    DD: Zoey Madeleine Jensen-Perrault
    DD: Sasha Naomi Jensen-Perrault
    DS/DD: Kieran Lucas Jensen-Perrault / Valerie Margaret Jensen-Perrault


    The Chastain's

    DH: Spencer Carl Chastain
    DW: Brooke Georgina Koeman-Chastain

    DD: Briar Ingrid Chastain


    The Milligan's

    DH: Marcus Aidric Milligan
    exDgf: Junia Leigh Lewis

    DD/DS: Eden Margot Milligan / Mason David Milligan


    The Frost's

    DH: Kellen Edgar Frost
    Dgf: Brittany Janelle Scully
    Mistress: Sarai Jacobs

    DS: Sebastian Palmer Frost
    DS: Jameson Judd Frost
    DD: Katharine Maeve Frost
    DS: Kendrick Marshall Jacobs Frost


    The Jokela's

    Dfiance: Elliot Morgan Jokela
    Dfiancee: Juliet Anneliese Sciacchitano

    DD: Matilda Denise Jokela
    DS: Aidan Zachariah Jokela


    The Dreesens'

    Dbf: Stanley Derek Dreesens
    Dgf: Kasey Melissa Kneller

    DS: Morgan Damian Dreesens
    DD: Paige Serena Dreesens


    The Plaskett's

    DH: Brandon Derek Plaskett
    DW: Kiernan Patricia Williams Plaskett

    DS: William Harrison Plaskett
    DS: Joel Wallace Plaskett


    The Unruh's

    DH: Kendall Levi Unruh
    DW: Nicole Martina Knight

    DD: Sara Renee Knight Unruh
    DD: Faith Mollie Knight Unruh


    The Brantley's

    DH: Dylan Raymond Jonas Brantley
    DW: Vanessa Christine {Adams} Brantley

    DS: Brandon John Brantley
    DS: Reese Jedidiah Brantley
    DS: Corey Dylan Brantley
    DD: Hannah Stephanie Brantley
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    ‣ 26, bostonian, psychology student •
    ‣ inspiring mental health professional •
    ‣ names, books, musicals, soccer, languages, & travel •

    ♀ potential little ladies:
    lauren elizabeth⎰sophie jane⎰grace audrey
    camden willow⎰elena maeve⎰lilia adele

    ♂potential little men:
    alexander david⎰nathaniel isaiah⎰lincoln joseph
    archer william⎰kieran louis⎰madison gage

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    Ft. Myers

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    Family 1 Guessed correctly by shanade213: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
    DH: Wyatt Benjamin Pierce
    DW: Amelia Jensen Vega
    DS: Maddox Caleb Jensen-Pierce
    DS: Patrick Theodore Jensen-Pierce
    DD: Zoe Madeline Jensen-Pierce
    DD: Sofia Naomi Jensen-Pierce
    DS/DD: Kai Lucien Jensen-Pierce / Violet Mary Jensen-Pierce

    Family 2 -- Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z + Beyonce Knowles-Carter with Blue Ivy
    DH: Samuel Charles Carter
    DW: Bethany Georgia King-Carter
    DD: Bryony Imogen Carter

    Family 3 Guessed correctly by shanade213: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
    Ex-H: Matthew Anthony Moore
    Ex-W: Jennifer Lily Lucas
    DD/DS: Emilia Marie Moore / Maxwell Dominic Moore

    Family 4 -- Kevin Federline + Britney Spears, Sean and Jayden / Kevin Federline + Shar Jackson, Kori and Kaleb
    DH: Kiran Everett French
    DW: Britney Jane Sanders
    DS: Sebastian Peirre French
    DS: Joshua Jethro French
    He also had two other children with a woman earlier
    Other woman: Sarah Johnson
    DD: Keira Margaret French
    DS: Kallum Michael Johnson-French

    Family 5 - Jessica Simpson + Eric Johnson with Maxwell
    BF: Elijah Madison James
    GF: Jessica Aimee Selwood
    DD: Madison Delilah James
    DS: Aden Jesse James

    Family 6 -- Cameron Jibril Thomaz aka Wiz Khalifa and Amber Levonchuck aka Amber Rose with Sebastian
    BF: Camden Jacob Tabern
    GF: Aurora Rose Longford
    DS: Scott Tobiah Tabern

    Family 7 -- Scott Disick + Kourtney Kardashian with Mason and Penelope
    BF: Shane Dean
    GF: Katherine May Knot
    DS: Milo Dylan Dean
    DD: Poppy Sabina Dean

    Family 8 Guessed correctly by shanade213: Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley
    DH: B.D.P.
    DW: K.P.W-P. (The P is his last name)
    DS: W.H.P.
    DS: J.W.P.

    Family 9 Guessed correctly by shanade213: Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
    DH: K.L.U.
    DW: N.M.K.
    DD: S.R.K.U. (The K is mom's last name)
    DD: F.M.K.U. (The K is mom's last name)

    Family 10 Guessed correctly by shanade213: David and Victoria Beckham
    DH: D.R.J.B.
    DW: V.C.B. née A.
    DS: B.J.B. (The J is the same as the J in dad's name)
    DS: R.J.B.
    DS: C.D.B. (The D is the same as the D is dad's name)
    DD: H.S.B.[/QUOTE]
    "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, its sings because it has a song."
    ~ Maya Angelou

    *second star to the right and straight on till morning*

    29/12/15 . 12/08/17

    Mummy to CTP 09.16

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