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Thread: Initials!

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    Lightbulb Initials!

    Re-name these celebrity families.
    If you want, you can guess who they are!

    Family 1 Guessed correctly by shanade213: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
    DH: W.B.P.
    DW: A.J.V.
    The J in her name and the P from his name are hyphenated to make the children's last names
    DS: M.C.J-P.
    DS: P.T.J-P.
    DD: Z.M.J-P.
    DD: S.N.J-P.
    DS/DD: K.L.J-P./V.M.J-P.

    Family 2
    DH: S.C.C.
    DW: B.G.K-C. (The C is his last name)
    DD: B.I.C.

    Family 3 Guessed correctly by shanade213: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
    DH: M.A.M. (They aren't together anymore but I included him for the last name of the children)
    DW: J.L.L.
    DD/DS: E.M.M./M.D.M.

    Family 4
    DH: K.E.F (They aren't together anymore but I included him for the last name of the children)
    DW: B.J.S.
    DS: S.P.F.
    DS: J.J.F.
    He also had two other children with a woman earlier
    Other woman: S.J. (Her middle name wasn't listed)
    DD: K.M.F.
    DS: K.M.J.F. (The J is mom's last name)

    Family 5
    BF: E.M.J. (They aren't married yet but they are engaged so, close enough)
    GF: J.A.S.
    DD: M.D.J. (The M in dad's name is the daughter's first name)
    DS: Not born yet, you choose his initials. J is still the last name. Rumor is his name will start with A though.

    Family 6
    BF: C.J.T. (They aren't married yet either.)
    GF: A.L. (A middle name wasn't listed for her but A.R.L would make sense if you wanted to do that)
    DS: S.T.T.

    Family 7
    BF: S.D. (No middle name listed)
    GF: K.M.K.
    DS: M.D.D.
    DD: P.S.D.

    Family 8 Guessed correctly by shanade213: Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley
    DH: B.D.P.
    DW: K.P.W-P. (The P is his last name)
    DS: W.H.P.
    DS: J.W.P.

    Family 9 Guessed correctly by shanade213: Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
    DH: K.L.U.
    DW: N.M.K.
    DD: S.R.K.U. (The K is mom's last name)
    DD: F.M.K.U. (The K is mom's last name)

    Family 10 Guessed correctly by shanade213: David and Victoria Beckham
    DH: D.R.J.B.
    DW: V.C.B. née A.
    DS: B.J.B. (The J is the same as the J in dad's name)
    DS: R.J.B.
    DS: C.D.B. (The D is the same as the D is dad's name)
    DD: H.S.B.
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    Family 1
    DH: Wilder Bennett Prescott
    DW: Alba Jordan Vachon
    The J in her name and the P from his name are hyphenated to make the children's last names
    DS: Maxwell Colin *Max* Jordan-Prescott
    DS: Penn Thomas Jordan-Prescott
    DD: Zoe Madelyn Jordan-Prescott
    DD: Simone Natalie *Simi* Jordan-Prescott
    DS/DD: Kellan Lucas Jordan-Prescott / Vada Melanie Jordan-Prescott

    Jolie-Pitt family

    Family 2
    DH: Samuel Chase *Sam* Carter
    DW: Brady Grace Kendall-Carter
    DD: Bethany Isis *Beth* Carter

    Family 3
    DH: Matteo Andrew McCabe (They aren't together anymore but I included him for the last name of the children)
    DW: Junia Lily Lowell
    DD/DS: Echo Marie McCabe / Milo Daniel McCabe

    Mark Anthony & JLo

    Family 4
    DH: Kaleo Edward Franklin
    DW: Bliss Joanna Sampson
    DS: Solomon Patrick *Solo* Franklin
    DS: Jeffrey James *Free* Franklin

    Other woman: Sarah Jacobsen
    DD: Katara Madison Franklin
    DS: Kainoa Marcus Jacobsen *Koa*Franklin

    Family 5
    BF: Emmons Maine Johnson
    GF: Justina Addison Simmons
    DD: Maine Delilah Johnson
    DS: Arlo Simmons Johnson

    Family 6
    BF: Curran Justin Thirlwall
    GF: Avia Rachel Lyons
    DS: Sawyer Tyson Thirlwall

    Family 7
    BF: Spencer Dylan
    GF: Kendra Marley Kimball
    DS: Mercer Daniel Dylan
    DD: Penrose Sarah *Posey* Dylan

    Family 8
    DH: Brave Desmond Phillips
    DW: Kaia Penelope Wilson-Phillips
    DS: Wells Henry Phillips
    DS: Jethro Wilson Phillips

    Brad Paisley & Kimberly Williams-Phillips

    Family 9
    DH: Klaus Luther Umber
    DW: Natalie Mira Knox
    DD: Soleil Renee Knox Umber
    DD: Freya Moon Knox Umber

    Kidman-Urban family

    Family 10
    DH: Douglas Robert James Bridger
    DW: Vada Christine Bridger née Anderson
    DS: Bronx James Bridger
    DS: Rhys Jacob Bridger
    DS: Chord Douglas Bridger
    DD: Halo Samantha Bridger

    Beckham family
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    William Benjamin Price <3 Allison Jacobson Victor

    Matthew Christopher Jacobson-Price
    Peter Thomas Jacobson-Price
    Zoe Marissa Jacobson-Price
    Sarah Nicole Jacobson-Price
    Kevin Lewis Jacobson-Price and Victoria Marie Jacobson-Price

    Samuel Christopher Connors <3 Bethany Grace King-Connors

    Briony Isabella Connors

    Michael Andrew Morris, separated from Jenna Louise Lindsay

    Emily Marie Morris and Michael Dennis Morris

    Kevin Edward Frank, separated from Bonita Jane Smith

    Samuel Peter Frank
    Jason James Frank
    Kevin's first wife, Sarah Johanes
    Kristen May Frank
    Kenneth Michael Johanes-Frank

    Elliott Morgan Jackson <3 Jennifer Andrea Soren

    Morgan Danielle Jackson
    Alexander Garrett Jackson - expecting

    Connor Jordan Tate <3 Alexis Rose Landers

    Steven Theodore Tate

    Stanley Doran <3 Karen Madelyn Kiel

    Marcus David Doran
    Peyton Sophia Doran

    Bradley Daniel Parker <3 Kelsey Patricia Williams-Parker

    Wesley Hudson Parker
    James William Parker

    Kenneth Luca Ulchin <3 Natalie Melissa Kramer

    Stephanie Rose Kramer-Ulchin
    Felicia May Kramer-Ulchin

    Devon Richard Joseph Bryce <3 Victoria Christine Bryce (Anders)

    Benjamin Joseph Bryce
    Richard James Bryce
    Christopher Devon Bryce
    Hannah Sophia Bryce

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    Family 1
    DH: Wright Barnaby Parker
    DW: Althea Joss Vaughn

    DS: Malcolm Clancy Joss-Parker
    DS: Phineas Tyne Joss-Parker
    DD: Zipporah May Joss-Parker
    DD: Sybilla Nash Joss-Parker
    DS/DD: Killian Lex Joss-Parker/Violetta Maud Joss-Parker

    Family 2
    DH: Sebastian Claude Carmine
    DW: Briony Gale Kensington-Carmine
    DD: Briony Imogen Carmine

    Family 3
    DH: Miles Alexander Monroe
    DW: Junia Louise Levin
    DD/DS: Eliza Marie Monroe/Miles Dashiell Monroe

    Family 4
    DH: Kyle Edison Fletcher
    DW: Bernadette Jane Strachey
    DS: Stellan Paul Fletcher
    DS: Jerome John Fletcher
    He also had two other children with a woman earlier
    Other woman: Sela Jackson
    DD: Kezia Marie Fletcher
    DS: Keaton Miles Jackson Fletcher

    Family 5
    BF: Ezra Morgan James
    GF: June Adelaide Sheridan
    DD: Morgan Dorothea James
    DS: Archer Theodore James

    Family 6
    BF: Coleman Joseph Tavish
    GF: Alena Leva
    DS: Sebastian Tomas Tavish

    Family 7
    BF: Steffan Dreyfus
    GF: Katherine May Kerry
    DS: Malachi Dane Dreyfus
    DD: Pearl Sophia Dreyfus

    Family 8
    DH: Blake Dennis Paterson
    DW: Karina Phoebe Wentworth-Paterson
    DS: Westley Hubert Paterson
    DS: Jolyon Walden Paterson

    Family 9
    DH: Kenneth Lewis Urban
    DW: Neva Meredith Kingsley
    DD: Shoshanna Reverie Kingsley Urban
    DD: Florentina Mirabelle Kingsley Urban

    Family 10
    DH: Desmond Remington Jude Brackenridge
    DW: Viola Coleen Brackenridge née Armstrong
    DS: Barnaby Jude Brackenridge
    DS: Raphael James Brackenridge
    DS: Caspian Desmond Brackenridge
    DD: Horatia Simone Brackenridge

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    Family 1
    DH: William Blake Patterson
    DW: Allysa Jae Vernon
    The J in her name and the P from his name are hyphenated to make the children's last names
    DS: Matthew Carson Jae-Patterson
    DS: Preston Thomas Jae-Patterson
    DD: Zoey Michelle Jae-Patterson
    DD: Sydney Nicole Jae-Patterson
    DS/DD: Kyle Levi Jae-Patterson/Violet Mabry Jae-Patterson

    Family 2
    DH: Scott Charles Chappell
    DW: Brenda Grace Kirby Chappell
    DD: Brooklyn Isabella Chappell

    Family 3
    DH: Marcus Alan Martin
    DW: Julie Lea Langeston
    DD/DS: Emerson May Martin/Matthew Davis Martin

    Family 4
    DH: Kevin Elliot Fraedder
    DW: Bonnie Jean Sammons
    DS: Shawn Parker Fraedder
    DS: Jacob Jeffrey Fraedder
    Other woman: Samantha Jacobson
    DD: Kylie May Fraedder
    DS: Keegan Miles Jacobson Fraedder

    Family 5
    BF: Ethan Morgan Jamison
    GF: Julia Anne Saxon
    DD: Morgan Danielle Jamison
    DS: Austin Zachary Jamison

    Family 6
    BF: Carter James Thompson
    GF: Ashley Rachel Lorring
    DS: Sawyer Trey Thompson

    Family 7
    BF: Samuel Davidson
    GF: Kelsey Michelle Kirkland
    DS: Mason Drew Davidson
    DD: Paige Sussane Davidson

    Family 8
    DH: Brian David Price
    DW: Kristina Paige Williams Price
    DS: Wyatt Holden Price
    DS: Jackson Wade Price

    Family 9
    DH: Keaton Liam Urban
    DW: Nia Merridith Kingsley
    DD: Scarlett Rose Kingsley Urban
    DD: Faith May Kingsley Urban

    Family 10
    DH: Drew Robert James Brackon
    DW: Vanessa Claire Brackon née Ansdale
    DS: Braedon James Brackon
    DS: Ryder Jace Brackon
    DS: Caleb Drew Brackon
    DD: Harper Snow Brackon

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