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    Yeah, I'm kind of picky. If they sound too similar I'm afraid people will get confused and mix them up. I try to keep the first letters of each name different, at least for main characters.

    And I don't normally lean towards names of people I know, because then I'll just be imagining that person the whole way through. Also, I tend to share my work with friends, and I don't want them thinking I wrote about them, hah. But if need be, I'll use a name of someone I know, as long as the relationship isn't close.
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    I usually like to give my characters common names because i think that it seems hokey when characters have names that are WAY out there for NO REASON. I mean like when a 'normal everyday girl' is named Buttercup for like no reason it really gets under my skin. I tend to only give my characters an unusual name is their parents are hippies or are extremely passionate about something and they transfer that passion onto their child's name. I rarely make that name relevant to that character's personality though. Names don't work like that and if you're looking for a name that OBVIOUSLY symbolizes your character it will come off as cheesy and amateur. I mean light symbolism can be great like a character that symbolizes purity being named Catherine or Agnes, or if you want the name to be ironic like naming a character Beatrice when they are completely depressed and/or mean. It also really takes me out of the moment when people choose currently popular or trendy names on adult characters, like naming a 30 year old woman in 2013 Piper or Peyton when they would probably be a Courtney or Kimberly.
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    I have a few rules when writing a book. For example, I can't have any main characters who have similar names. I could never have two people with the same letter for their first name, like Ava and Amelia or Max and Madden. I might possibly use a relative or friends name in my story. I would prefer not to, but if the name fits perfectly, then I will make an exception. In one of my stories, I used the name Emma for a character, even though one of my friends is named Emma. It just fit the character perfectly.

    About your other question, I would stick to Landon Axel Elmore. The three name idea makes me interested because I love it when characters have three names! Stick to your first choice and worry about the other things in your book. Also, that's a great idea for a story. I would love to read your book when it gets published! Keep working hard on it!

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